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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Stem Cells from Brain Transformed to Produce Insulin

With careful coaxing, stem cells from the brain can form insulin-producing cells that mimic those missing in people with diabetes.

Nationwide Recall of Power Packs used in Insulin Pumps

Disetronic Medical Systems Inc. announced a voluntary nationwide recall of the Disetronic D-TRONplus Power Packs, that power the D-TRONplus Insulin Pump.

Potential Diabetes Treatment for Some Diabetes Patients

Findings point to a novel way to treat diabetes - but only in some patients. They also challenge the benefits of the strategy in...

Recall: Nationwide Recall Of All Accu-Chek Ultraflex Infusion Sets

Disetronic announced a voluntary nationwide recall of all ACCU-CHEK Ultraflex Infusion Sets because of a potential that tubing could fully or partially separate at the luer lock-tubing connection.

Special Cell Prevents Diabetes in Mouse Model

A special type of dendritic cell unusual for its capacity to promote the swift death of T cells appears to prevent diabetes.

T Cell Discovery Shows Promise for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

A research team has identified the role of a type of T cell in type 1 diabetes that may lead to new treatment options for young patients.

New Nanotube Sensor Can Continuously Monitor Minute Amounts of Insulin

A new method that uses nanotechnology to rapidly measure minute amounts of insulin is a major step toward developing the ability to assess the health of the body's insulin-producing cells in real time.

Discovery May Lead to Diabetic Vascular Disease Prevention, Treatment

Researchers report that a molecule called pre-kallikrein could be a target for preventing and treating whole-body diabetic vascular disease.In an article published in the...
Turning Fat into Beta Cells to Treat Diabetes

Insulin Secreting Beta Cells Created – from Love Handles

Can you really turn love handles into beta cells? Yes, according to researchers who have reprogrammed stem cells taken from fatty tissue to make...

Type 1 Diabetics’ Blood Sugar Defense Mechanisms Restored After Islet Cell Transplantation

Type 1 diabetics who have developed low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) as a complication of insulin treatments over time are able to regain normal internal recognition of the condition after receiving pancreatic islet cell transplantation.

Researchers Use Novel Nanoparticle Vaccine to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Using a sophisticated nanotechnology-based "vaccine," researchers were able to successfully cure mice with type 1 diabetes and slow the onset of the disease in mice at risk for the disease.

Severe Hypoglycemia is Rare After Islet Transplantation

Episodes of dangerously low blood glucose, or hypoglycemia, were greatly reduced in people who received an islet transplant for poorly controlled type 1 diabetes.

Automated OCL Insulin System Improved Glucose Control in Kids

A newly published journal article details the success of an overnight closed-loop (OCL) control system, intended to mimic pancreatic beta-cell function, among children with...

Transplantation of Embryonic Pancreatic Tissue Controls Type 1 Diabetes in Rats

Animals were cured of their diabetes for the duration of the experiment, which lasted 15 weeks.

Photos Helping Researchers Understand Juvenile Diabetes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, UF Health Type 1 diabetes researchers and their colleagues have tapped into an encyclopedia, revealing new...

Tight Glucose Control Lowers Cardiovascular Disease by About 50-percent in Diabetes

New study results confirm that intensive treatment of diabetic patients results in a significantly lower risk of heart disease. In fact, it can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease nearly in half.

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