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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Helpful in Maintaining Target Blood Sugar Levels

The Endocrine Society released a clinical practice guideline (CPG) providing recommendations on settings where patients are most likely to benefit from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).

Class of Diabetes Drugs Increase Risk of Heart Failure

A class of drugs commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes may double the risk of heart failure, according to a new analysis by researchers.

Insulin Production Restored in Type 1 Diabetic Woman with New Treatment

A new, minimally invasive transplant technique has restored natural insulin production in a woman with Type 1 Diabetes. She is now completely off insulin...

Severe Hypoglycemia is Rare After Islet Transplantation

Episodes of dangerously low blood glucose, or hypoglycemia, were greatly reduced in people who received an islet transplant for poorly controlled type 1 diabetes.

Skin Cells Converted Into Insulin-Producing Pancreatic Cells

Scientists have converted human skin cells into fully-functional pancreatic cells, which prevented the onset of diabetes in test models.Scientists at the Gladstone Institutes and...

Dietary Adherence Associated with Better Glucose Control in Children with Type 1 Diabetes

A study by researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center has shown that adherence to prescribed dietary recommendations is associated with better glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes.
Researchers Testing Beta Cells

Recovering Insulin-Producing Cells in Diabetics May Be Possible

A new discovery may lead to the recovery of insulin-producing beta cells in people with type 1 diabetes.A Yale-led research team identified how insulin-producing...
Type 1 Diabetes - Extra Steps Help Kids

Extra 1000 Daily Steps Helps Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

  New research shows improvements in cardiovascular health for type 1 diabetic children who take just 1000 extra steps each day.Keeping count of daily steps...

Scientists Identify a Critical Molecule That Helps Explain Why Diabetics Suffer from Non-Healing Wounds

Scientists have identified a critical molecule that helps explain why diabetics suffer from non-healing wounds and pinpoint a target for therapies that could help boost healing.

Researchers Use Novel Nanoparticle Vaccine to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Using a sophisticated nanotechnology-based "vaccine," researchers were able to successfully cure mice with type 1 diabetes and slow the onset of the disease in mice at risk for the disease.

Recall: Nationwide Recall Of All Accu-Chek Ultraflex Infusion Sets

Disetronic announced a voluntary nationwide recall of all ACCU-CHEK Ultraflex Infusion Sets because of a potential that tubing could fully or partially separate at the luer lock-tubing connection.
Diabetes Cure Would Cut Deaths by 12-Percent

Cure for Diabetes Would Lower Deaths by 12-Percent

Diabetes accounts for more US deaths than previously thought but researchers estimate that a cure for diabetes would cut overall deaths by 12-percent.Diabetes accounts...

Tight Glucose Control Lowers Cardiovascular Disease by About 50-percent in Diabetes

New study results confirm that intensive treatment of diabetic patients results in a significantly lower risk of heart disease. In fact, it can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease nearly in half.

A Viral Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Viruses can both cause and prevent autoimmune disease. Therefore viruses that do not directly destroy b cells may actually enhance the course of autoimmune diabetes.

Adding Certain Foods to Diets of Type 1 Diabetic Children Helped Produce Insulin

Adding foods rich in specific amino and fatty acids to the diets of youth with Type 1 diabetes kept them producing some of their own insulin for up to two years after diagnosis.

Study: Type 1 Diabetics Can Get ‘Double Diabetes’ From Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is likely a major cause of heart disease in people with type 1 diabetes.

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