Challenge: Atlanta Physicians Prescribe Food as Medicine

Health Challenge

A group of Atlanta physicians are challenging patients and residents to a health challenge based on a plant-based diet which can boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and stabilize blood sugar.

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Obalon Balloon System for Weight Loss, FDA Approves Marketing

Obalon Balloon System for Weight Loss

The Obalon Balloon System, a weight-loss system that uses gastric balloons to occupy space in the stomach, has been approved by the FDA for product marketing.

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Citrus Fruits May Help Prevent Obesity-Related Diabetes, Heart and Liver Disease

Citrus Fruit Prevents Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease

Being obese increases the risk of developing heart disease, liver disease and diabetes, but researchers report that citrus fruit may help prevent the effect that obesity has.

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Stealth Exergaming: Studying Health Benefits of Pokémon Go

Health Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go!

A Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine called on researchers to conduct well-designed studies of active video games, like Pokemon Go, to assess the health effects of playing.

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Personalized Nutrition Beats “One Size Fits All” Approach in Dieting

Personal Diet Plan vs. One Size Fits All

A new study has found that a personalized, or individualized, approach to dieting is more effective than the one-size-fits-all approach many people are encouraged to follow.

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Study: Diabetes Drug May Also Offer Vascular Protection

Diabetes Drug May Also Offer Vascular Protection

A University of Missouri study suggests a type 2 diabetes medication provided arterial protection and may prevent aortic stiffening and cardiovascular risks.

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China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

Cardiovascular problems propelled by increases in high blood pressure and obesity are hitting the Chinese population, according to a new study. Is Western influence a cause?

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Study: Why Most Obese People Develop Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Why Most Obese People Develop Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Findings from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), which appear in eLife, provide a possible explanation as to why most people who are obese develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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Sugar Addiction: Brain Sugar Switch Discovered

Step Toward Curbing Sugar Addiction

Researchers have discovered what they are calling a brain sugar switch that may curb sugar addiction.

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Binge Eating Behavior Turned Off Via Dopamine Neurons

Binge Eating Disorder and Dopamine

Binge eating is a serious problem and researchers may have found a way to supress it using a drug already approved by the FDA – a Serotonin 2C Agonist.

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