Wearable for Diabetes Monitoring

糖尿病可穿戴读取汗水血糖监测, 皮质醇及白细胞介素-6

Bioengineers have created a durable and versatile biosensor wearable for diabetes monitoring that measures 3 molecules, including blood sugar, from sweat.


Under ACA, Major Improvements in Medical Care, Health for Low-Income Adults

根据 ACA, 在医疗服务中的重大改进, 对于低收入的成年人健康

A new study details amazing improvements in the medical care and health of low-income American adults as a result of the health coverage expansions...

警报 & 回顾

Recall of Amitriptyline HCL Tablets, USP 50mg and Phenobarbital Tablets

回顾: 盐酸阿米替林和苯巴比妥片由于标签错误

与产品标签错误已迫使全国范围内召回的不同剂量苯巴比妥、 盐酸阿米替林片. Use could lead to adverse...

全国范围内 Brilanta 召回由阿斯利康致急性肾功能衰竭风险

阿斯利康公司召回有限的地段之一的 BRILINTA,因为瓶子含用药错误, which can lead to advere renal effects.Voluntary recall limited to...