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Exercise Combats Metabolic Syndrome in Older Adults

Moderate program of physical exercise in people age 55 to 75 can significantly offset risk factors metabolic syndrome.

Type of Weight Loss Surgery More Effective at Reducing Insulin Resistance

Bariatric surgery for severely obese patients leads to weight loss and improves insulin sensitivity. Study finds that the degree of improvement depends on the surgical technique used, comparing biliopancreatic diversion to gastric bypass.

Protein Adiponectin Appears Protective Against Heart Disease

Reduced blood concentrations of adiponectin appear to indicate a significant risk of cardiovascular disease in a study focusing on risk of the disorder among patients with Type 1 diabetes.

Spleen May Be Source Of Versatile Stem Cells

Researchers report that potential adult stem cells from the spleen produce a protein previously believed to be present only during the embryonic development of mammals. Cells have protein associated with embryonic development and limb regeneration.

Fat Hormone Acts On Brain Circuit To Curb Obesity, Diabetes

New research finds that a single brain region is sufficient for normal control of blood sugar and activity level by the fat hormone leptin.

Elevated Glucose Levels And Diabetes Are Associated With Increased Risk For Cancer

New research involving more than one million people indicates that having high fasting serum glucose levels and diabetes are risk factors for several major cancers.

Insufficient Sleep Associated with Overweight and Obesity

Obese and overweight patients in a study group reported sleeping less than their peers with normal body mass indexes.

Weight, Fitness and Lifestyle Identified as Important Factors Contributing to Metabolic Syndrome

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome, an important cause of cardiovascular disease, is increasing, especially in young individuals

Stem Cell Researchers Thwart Sight-Robbing Retinopathy

Scientists have prevented blindness in mice afflicted with a condition similar to one that robs diabetic Americans of their eyesight.

Anti-Psychotic Drugs May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Diabetes In Schizophrenia Patients

Patients treated with the atypical anti-psychotic agents clozapine and olanzapine may be at an increased risk for insulin resistance.

Frequent Fast Food Meals Increase Weight, Diabetes Risk

Young adults who eat frequently at fast-food restaurants gain more weight and have a greater increase in insulin resistance in early middle age, according to a large multi-center study.

Heart Failure Patients Treated for Diabetes with Insulin Have Increase in Mortality

Advanced heart failure patients with diabetes who are treated with insulin faced a mortality rate four times higher than heart failure patients with diabetes treated with oral medications.

Study Shows That Diabetes Increases Risk of Blood Poisoning

A new study adds potentially fatal blood infections to the list of health risks from diabetes.

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