Gestational Diabetes is Not Prevented by Diet and Exercise in Obese Women


A diet and exercise regime for high-risk obese pregnant women, while effective in promoting a healthy lifestyle, does not prevent gestational diabetes, finds a study led by King’s College London.

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Mothers of Sons More Likely to Develop Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes


A recent study found that women who were having sons were more likely to develop gestational diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes than women who were pregnant with daughters.

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Link Between Gestational Diabetes and Autism Risk


Researchers analyzed data to assess the association between maternal diabetes, both known prior to pregnancy and diagnosed during pregnancy, and the risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in children. Significant risks were found. [Read more…]

Mothers’ Future Diabetes Risk Linked to BPA Exposure During Pregnancy


Exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A during pregnancy may raise a mother’s susceptibility to weight gain and diabetes later in life.
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Gestational Diabetes Drug Glyburide Leads to Higher Risk, Adverse Affects For Newborns

Gestational Diabetes Drugs Adverse Affects

Among newborns whose mothers were treated with a specific drug used to treat gestational diabetes, there was a higher risk of neonatal intensive care unit admission, respiratory distress, hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), birth injury and being large for gestational age compared with newborns of women treated with insulin. [Read more…]

Sleep Apnea Common in Women with Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes and sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is prevalent in obese, pregnant Asian women with gestational diabetes, even when their diabetes is controlled by diet, a new study from Thailand finds.
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Diabetes Discovery Could Lead to Big Difference in Lives of Moms and Their Kids

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New Blood Test Assesses Gestational Diabetes Risk Early in Pregnancy

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African-American Women with Gestational Diabetes Face High Long-Term Diabetes Risk

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Study Finds Clue to Birth Defects in Babies of Diabetic Mothers

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