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Maya Children in U.S. More Likely To Be Overweight and Obese Than Whites or...

Maya children in the United States are taller and longer-legged than Mayan children in Guatemala, as a result of greater access to food and health care. But they are also much heavier.

Rapid Weight Gain in Infancy May Lead to Obesity at Age 7

apid rates of weight gain during infancy could be linked to obesity later in childhood, report researchers in the February issue of Pediatrics.

Stress Causes Heart-Damaging Fats to Stay in Blood Longer

A new study has found the first evidence that short periods of psychological stress can cause the body to take longer to clear heart-damaging fats from the bloodstream.

Single Enzyme May Be Linked to Obesity

The increased activity of a single enzyme in fat cells may be a common cause of obesity and obesity-linked diseases, including diabetes.

Depression Raises Heart Failure Rate in Elderly Women

A new study shows that depression is associated with an increased incidence of heart failure in elderly women, but not elderly men.

Antioxidant Prevents Autoimmune Diabetes in Mice

A new study shows that a synthetic antioxidant can delay and prevent the onset of autoimmune diabetes in mice.

Blood Sugar Control Partially A Function Of Beliefs

Young adults who believe they can adhere to the regimen required to control their Type I diabetes have better blood sugar control than those who do not.

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