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Research Shows Older Children, Adolescents Grew Heavier in Brazil, China, U.S. Over Past 30...

Over the past three decades, the percentage of older children and adolescents who were overweight tripled in Brazil and almost doubled in the United States, according to a new study.

Type 1 Diabetes Safely Arrested With Short-Term Use of New Drug

Researchers have halted the course of early stage Type 1 diabetes for a year by treating patients for just two weeks with a new immune-suppressive drug, which only had minor side effects.

Special Cell Prevents Diabetes in Mouse Model

A special type of dendritic cell unusual for its capacity to promote the swift death of T cells appears to prevent diabetes.

Researchers Create Diabetic Fruit Flies in Lab: Pave Way for Stem-Cell Approach to Treatment

Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center have created fruit flies with a condition that mimics human diabetes.

Study Raises Questions on Widespread Prescribing of Diabetic Footwear

The evidence suggests that a shift in the diabetic foot care paradigm may be in order.

Research Suggests Diabetes Drug Being Prescribed Even When Contraindicated

Some doctors prescribe metformin, the most widely used type 2 diabetes treatment drug, for patients also suffering from congestive heart failure or kidney dysfunction or both despite clear warnings on drug packaging not to do so.

Knock Out Blood Protein Drug Signals Possible New Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Diabetes

Scientists at UCL have developed a drug to treat a serious medical condition linked to Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes.

Not All Glitazone Drugs Toxic to Liver: Diabetes Drug Avandia Poses Minimal Harm to...

The type 2 diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone) does not appear to cause any more harm to the liver than other types of diabetes drugs, such as insulin, according to a new report.

New Oral Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

A drug that blocks a particular enzyme that affects blood-sugar control has shown early promise in treating type 2 diabetes, according to study findings.

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