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45-Percent of New Dialysis Patients are Diabetic; Longer Treatment and Highly Permeable Artificial Kidney...

Longer dialysis treatment and use of a highly permeable artificial kidney may not improve survival rates or reduce hospitalization of patients with end-stage kidney disease.

Study Finds Traditional Diuretics Work Better Than Newer Medicines for Treating Hypertension

Less costly, traditional diuretics work better than newer medicines to treat high blood pressure and prevent some forms of heart disease.

Alcohol-Induced Sodium Sensitivity May Increase Blood Pressure

Alcohol-induced sodium sensitivity may be one of the mechanisms underlying the association among heavy alcohol consumption, alcohol withdrawal, and high blood pressure.

Gelatin Particles Show Promise for Delivering Therapeutic Genes

Researchers have successfully tested micro-sized gelatin particles that may one day deliver therapeutic genes to treat a type of kidney disease.

New Mouse Model Sheds Light on Lipoatrophic Diabetes

A collaboration of scientists has developed a new mouse model of lipoatrophic diabetes, and highlighted leptin therapy as a successful tool to combat this rare form of type II diabetes.

FDA Clears Home Glycated Hemoglobin Test For Diabetics

FDA has cleared the first over-the-counter test that measures glycated hemoglobin in people with diabetes.

Nutrition Advice Makes Heart-Healthy Diet More Satisfying

People who received dietary counseling to help them lower their cholesterol levels reported higher levels of satisfaction with their quality of life and health care than individuals who tried to lower their cholesterol in other ways, according to a new study.

Black and Hispanic Kids More Likely to be Insulin-Resistant

Black and Hispanic children face higher risk than white children for insulin resistance-a stepping-stone to type 2 diabetes-regardless of whether they are heavy or thin, according to researchers.

Scientist Identifies Gene in Mice That Governs Obesity, Physical Activity and More

A team led by Deborah J. Good has identified a gene that appears to play a role in obesity, physical activity, and sex behaviors in mice.

Diabetic Gene Linked to Heart Disease

Using a simple blood test, researchers have identified a gene that determines which diabetes patients are at greater risk for developing heart disease.

Portion Size Matters: Given Too Much, We Eat It

Almost nobody can stop eating at just one normal serving if there's extra food on their plate, and this tendency coupled with the spread of megaportions may be contributing to the American obesity epidemic.

Combining Key Ingredients of Vegetarian Diet Cuts Cholesterol Significantly, Says Study

A diet combining a handful of known cholesterol-lowering plant components cut bad cholesterol by close to 30-percent in a recent study.

Protein In Eye May Help Fight Autoimmune Diseases in Other Parts of Body

A protein in the eye may aid in preventing and treating autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

Anti-Coagulation Drugs Found to Have Different Effects in Diabetics After Heart Attack

Researchers have found that drugs used to prevent blood coagulation appear to have different effects in heart patients with diabetes.

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