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Stanford Researcher: Hassle-Free Stroke Prevention Offered By New Drug

People who take a commonly prescribed yet problematic drug called Coumadin to prevent stroke or blood clots may soon have a hassle-free alternative.

Warning: Patients Receiving Extraneal (icodextrin) for Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy May Have Falsely Elevated Blood...

Patients receiving EXTRANEAL (icodextrin) for peritoneal dialysis therapy may have falsely elevated blood glucose results when using certain blood glucose monitoring systems.

High Blood Sugar Levels Indicate Greater Chance of Death for Critically Ill Patients

A study on blood-sugar levels in intensive care unit patients showed that hyperglycemia increased the patient's chance of death.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Riskiest For Those Who Need It Most

A study of gastric bypass surgery patients is being highlighted as an important warning for people considering the procedure.

Joslin Study: It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising and Losing Weight

A new study shows that obese adults who lost just 7 percent of their weight and did moderate-intensity physical exercise for six months improved their major blood vessel function by approximately 80 percent, regardless of whether or not they had type 2 diabetes.

Caloric Sweetener Use Grows Worldwide; Soft Drinks are Chief Culprit

Use of caloric sweeteners, including sugar, has grown markedly around the world over the past 40 years

Natural Protein Analog May Fix Insulin-Making Cells Isolated From Pancreas

Researchers found that GLP-1 lowered blood sugar and increased insulin production in patients with Type 2 diabetes

Regeneration of Insulin-Producing Islets May Lead to Diabetes Cure

Cells from an unexpected source, the spleen, appear to develop into insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells in adult animals.

Buckwheat May Be Beneficial For Managing Diabetes

Researchers have found new evidence that buckwheat, a grain used in making pancakes and soba noodles, may be beneficial in the management of diabetes.

Study: Diabetes Management Improves When Patients, Doctors Agree on Treatment Goals

People with diabetes who agree with their physician's treatment goals and strategies were more likely to be successful at managing their condition.

Exercise, Not Diet, May Be Best Defense Against Heart Disease

Despite widespread attention to diet, calorie intake may not be a major factor in causing death by heart disease.

Data Suggest Diabetics Have Worsening Symptoms Prior to Acute Cardiac Event

People with diabetes are two to four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease due to a variety of risk factors.

Simple Tests Could Signal and Prevent Heart Disease in Women

A few safe and simple tests could identify and possibly prevent coronary heart disease in middle-aged women.

Molecular First Steps to Adult Diabetes Found

A study has identified the first molecular steps that can lead to adult diabetes.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption After Meals Can Decrease Levels of Insulin

New research shows that drinking a moderate amount of white wine on its own after a meal can cause levels of insulin to drop almost immediately.

Role in Type 1 Diabetes Provides Clue for Researchers Who Discovered Obesity Gene

The discovery of a gene believed to be connected to morbid obesity has international origins and began as an exploration into the causes of Type I diabetes.