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Second Study Shows Link Between Cushing’s Syndrome and Obesity

Specific genetic markers may influence whether a person develops metabolic syndromes, collection of health risks that increase the chance of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

A Viral Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Viruses can both cause and prevent autoimmune disease. Therefore viruses that do not directly destroy b cells may actually enhance the course of autoimmune diabetes.

Effect of Diabetes Case Management Among Low-Income Minority Populations

Diabetes case management, added to primary care, substantially improved glycemic control compared with a control group.

Researchers Define Role of Abnormal Muscle, Fat & Liver in Common Metabolic Disorder

Metabolic Syndrome, a cluster of health symptoms including obesity, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, puts one in four Americans at increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Overweight Hispanic Youth Face Increased Risk of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

New research shows that large numbers of overweight Hispanic youth already have complications of obesity, including impaired glucose tolerance, which can lead to diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Study Finds New Antibiotic Effective for Diabetic Foot Infections

A clinical trial shows that linezolid, a new antibiotic, is at least as effective as two older therapies for treating diabetic foot infections.

Alcohol Exposure in Pre- and Early Post-Natal Stages May Cause Insulin Resistance

Perinatal factors (those occurring about five months before birth and one month after) have been implicated in the development of Type 2 diabetes and other disorders.

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