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Be Picky When Served Large Portions

Experiments have shown that we eat more when we're given more and that large portions may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Researchers Cite Recent Advances In Underlying Causes Of Rare Body-Fat Disorders

Researchers hope to discover new therapeutic approaches to prevent the loss of fat tissues and prevent or possibly delay the onset of metabolic complications.

Life Expectancy Of Diabetics 12 Years Less Than Others

Ontario diabetics live 12 to 13 years less than people without the disease, says a new study.

Optical Glucose Sensor Holds Promise For Diabetics And Intensive Care Patients

Researchers have developed a novel optical glucose sensor that could be used to provide continuous monitoring of glucose levels in diabetics.

Unsuspected Brain Region Involved In Side Effects Of Diabetes Drugs

A brain region involved in emotional and intellectual processes appears to also play an unsuspected role in the body's visceral response to dangerously low blood sugar levels.

Researchers To Pinpoint Relationship Between Obesity-Associated Diabetes And Heart Disease

Expert will examine how obesity-associated diabetes leads to cardiovascular disease, in hopes of ultimately breaking this dangerous progression.

Researchers Discover Link That Could Aid In Treatment Of Kidney Cyst Diseases

Researchers have uncovered a link between two cyst-forming diseases that affect the kidneys.

Study Will Identify Best Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes In Youth

A clinical study comparing three treatments of type 2 diabetes in children and teens has begun in 12 medical centers and their affiliated sites around the country.

Researcher: Childhood Obesity Leads To Adult Diabetes

Researcher says parents, especially minority parents, now need to be concerned about Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.

New Genomics Tool Boosts Diabetes Research

Researchers have developed a method for scanning the entire human genome to successfully map the location of key gene regulators, mutated forms of which are known to cause type 2 diabetes.

Embryonic Pig Cell Transplants Halt Rat Diabetes

n experimental cross-species transplant to treat diabetes has passed an early test in rats with better-than-expected results.

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