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Misfiring Proteins Tied To Inflammation And Sick Feeling Of Type 2 Diabetics

A disruption of signaling proteins in the immune system may be responsible for the inflammation that makes someone with type 2 diabetes feel sick and increases the risk of serious complications.

New Gene Associated With Type 1 Diabetes

A new gene mutation identified by researchers is part of the constellation of genes associated with susceptibility to developing type 1 diabetes.

A Mother’s Obesity Can Cause Malformations In Her Children

A study of more than 2000 children of women with gestational diabetes has revealed that obesity in mothers is one of the most decisive factors contributing to the appearance of congenital malformations in their children.

NCEP Updates Guidelines For Treatment Of Blood Cholesterol

NCEP suggests that people at risk for heart attack and stroke would benefit from more intensive cholesterol-lowering therapies.

Medication Can Help Diabetics Lose Weight, But Long-Term Effects Uncertain

An antidepressant drug and two medications for weight loss can help patients with diabetes achieve statistically significant weight loss over 26 to 52 weeks.

Triple Therapy Fights Type 2 Diabetes Without Weight Gain

Type 2 diabetics who take two drugs in combination with insulin can effectively regulate their blood-sugar levels without the common side effect of weight gain.

Erectile Dysfunction In Diabetic Men May Predict Silent Heart Disease

Men with type 2 diabetes who have difficulty achieving an erection could have heart disease and not realize it.

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