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Study Shows Red Wine More Heart-Healthy Than Gin

When the choice is red wine or gin, choose red wine – at least when considering your heart's health.

Blueberry Compound Shows Promise Of Lowering Cholesterol As Effectively As Drug

A compound in blueberries shows promise of lowering cholesterol as effectively as a commercial drug and has the potential for fewer side effects.

Study Links High Carbohydrate Diet To Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Researchers find the risk of developing breast cancer twice as great in Mexican women, for whom carbs represent more than half the daily diet.

Treatment Of Blood Sugar Levels In ICU Patients Reduces Mortality

Study outlines how strictly controlling the levels of glucose in a patient's blood can increase the survival rate of critically ill patients.

Study: VA Beats Managed Care For Diabetes

New multicenter study finds VA patients with diabetes are more likely to receive recommended tests and have better outcomes than managed care patients.

Study Identifies Possible Stem Cells In Pancreas

Researchers have identified individual cells in the adult mouse pancreas capable of generating insulin-producing beta cells.

New Discovery In Preventing Diabetic Complications

A new study sheds light on the response to infection in people with type 2 diabetes. These individuals develop diabetes associated with obesity.

Isolated Soy Protein Shown To Benefit Type 2 Diabetics

Isolated soy protein added to the diets of 14 men under treatment for advanced stages of type 2 diabetes, significantly lowered unwanted proteins in their urine and slightly raised desired HDL cholesterol levels in their blood.

Latinos Have High Levels Of Visual Impairment And Eye Disease

Many Latinos have eye diseases that may potentially blind them or impair vision, and type 2 diabetes hits Latino communities particularly hard.

Parents Are Top Influence On Soft-Drink Consumption Among Kids

Researchers surveyed children on how often they drank soft drinks and the factors that influence soft drink consumption.

Pattern Found In Maintaining Weight Loss

Eighteen women who maintained a weight loss of 15 to 144 pounds for at least one year and as long as 27 years followed similar patterns leading to consistent behavior change.

Two Enzymes Key To Calorie-Burning

Discovery of how leptin regulates specific enzymes.

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