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Soft Drinks Surpassing Milk As Calorie Source For Most Americans

Just as the milkman disappeared from America’s cultural horizon, the consumption of milk seems to be evaporating, replaced by more — and more super-sizing — soda drinkers.

Lack Of Safe Play Space Raises Obesity Risk For Black Girls

Too much television and too few recreational opportunities mean not enough physical activity and a higher risk of obesity for young black girls.

U.S. Soft Drink Consumption Grew 135% Since 1977, Boosting Obesity

One of the simpler ways to curtail the obesity epidemic could be to cut the volume of sweetened soft drinks and fruit drinks Americans are increasingly consuming.

New Data Validate The Low-Glycemic Diet

A carefully controlled animal study provides clear evidence that a low-glycemic-index diet can lead to weight loss, reduced body fat, and reduction in risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Probable Cause For High Blood Pressure Identified; Shows Links With Diabetes

Study finds a molecule that may be a primary cause of high blood pressure and may be a molecular link between hypertension and diabetes.

New Fruitfly Model Of Diabetes Has Future Implications For Pancreatic Cell Transplantation

A newly completed picture of how fruitflies control their blood sugar will inform researchers and clinicians about the basics of metabolism and how it relates to disease.

Researchers Clarify Mechanisms For Beta-Cell Formation

A new study sheds light on the key mechanisms by which new pancreatic beta cells normally form in response to insulin resistance.

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