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Prevention of Heart Disease Should Begin in Childhood

The metabolic syndrome, a collection of disorders that often precedes diabetes, has been rising steadily among adolescents and adults over the past two decades.

Short-Term Exercise Significantly Increases Insulin Action, While Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Trend Downward

Carefully controlling the amount of food and drink that formerly sedentary, overweight people ingest during and after short-term exercise has a significant impact on insulin action

Lipids Vary By Race, Gender

When it comes to lipid profiles, it appears that African-Americans and women have it better than whites and men.

One In 6 Chronically Ill Adults Skip Rx Drugs Due To Cost

Skimping most common among those who pay the most out-of-pocket, earn the least, or don't have prescription drug coverage.

Colorectal Cancer Risk Higher In People With Insulin-Requiring Type 2 Diabetes

Study concludes that patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who require long-term insulin therapy are at a significantly increased risk for colorectal cancer.

Civil Servants At Lower Pay Grades Have Increased Risk Of Diabetes

Civil servants at the lower end of the employment scale and with lower social position were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those at higher employment levels.

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