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Veterans More Overweight Than General Population, Study Finds

More than two-thirds of women and almost three-quarters of men receiving care at Veterans Affairs outpatient facilities in 2000 were overweight – a higher percentage than among the general population.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea Lowers Glucose Levels in Diabetics

Patients with Type 2 diabetes who also suffer from obstructive sleep apnea can lower their glucose levels by receiving the most common sleep apnea therapy.

First Study To Show Cost-Effectiveness of Pre-Diabetes Intervention

Study is the first to show that it would be cost-effective for society to try to prevent diabetes in people with a condition known as "pre-diabetes," or impaired glucose tolerance.

Portable System Offers Dialysis Patients ‘Liberating’ Changes

A suitcase-sized machine is making life easier for some patients undergoing rigorous dialysis for kidney failure.

Study Of Obese Diabetics Explains Why Low-Carb Diets Produce Fast Results

A new study has shown why the pounds melt so quickly on low-carbohydrate diets, and it's not related to water, metabolism or boredom.

Leptin: A ‘Missing Link’ Between Obesity and Diabetes?

Single hormone appears to regulate blood sugar in two different ways.

Scientists Find Genetic Defects That Allow the Immune System to Attack the Pancreas

Scientists have found genetic regions that, when defective, allow the immune system to attack the pancreas -- the first in a series of mis-steps that lead to type 1 diabetes.

Explosion of Child Obesity Predicted to Shorten US Life Expectancy

Trend of increasing life expectancy is about to reverse itself -- due to the rapid rise in obesity, especially among children.

Gaps Found In All Components Of Private Health Insurance Coverage For People With Diabetes

Study identifies barriers in all components of the private health insurance system that can prevent Americans with diabetes from properly managing the disease.

Food Costs, Convenience Predict Obese Women’s Fat Intake

Nutritionists trying to influence how much fat an obese woman might eat should take into account food prices, the time it takes to make a meal and the location of grocery stores, among other things.

Poor Prenatal Nutrition Permanently Damages Function of Insulin-Producing Cells in the Pancreas

Joslin scientists also discover this impairment sets the stage for type 2 diabetes later in life.

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