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Surprising Findings Reported About Iron Overload

Individuals who develop hemochromatosis/iron overload absorb an excessive amount of iron from food and supplements ingested. The abnormality affects many people worldwide.

Natural Glucose Byproduct May Prevent Brain Damage and Cognitive Impairment After Diabetic Coma

A natural, non-toxic byproduct of glucose may prevent brain cell death and cognitive impairment in diabetics following an episode of severely low blood sugar.

Stem Cells from Brain Transformed to Produce Insulin

With careful coaxing, stem cells from the brain can form insulin-producing cells that mimic those missing in people with diabetes.

Relatively Few US Adults Report Having A Healthy Lifestyle

Despite clear evidence of the health benefits, few U.S. adults conform to four common healthy behaviors that together characterize a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Slows Development of Alzheimer’s-like Brain Changes in Study

Physical activity appears to inhibit Alzheimer's-like brain changes in mice, slowing the development of a key feature of the disease, according to a new study.

Link Between High Cholesterol And Better Cognitive Performance Found

What's bad for your ticker may be good for your bean, according to research from a team of scientists at Boston University.

Cranberry Juice Modulates Atherosclerotic Vascular Dysfunction

Protection against a wide variety of diseases is among the many benefits of a diet high in whole fruits and vegetables.

Liver May Be Source of ‘Good’ Cholesterol

Research suggests that the liver may produce most of the body's "good" cholesterol, an unexpected finding that might one day help scientists develop new treatments to raise levels of this heart-protecting molecule in humans.

Model Potential Way To Reduce Cardiac Deaths In Kidney Patients

Scientists have identified an important link between kidney damage and cardiac problems, creating new possibilities for treating the primary cause of death in kidney disease patients.

‘Motherwell’s Babies’ Study May Yield Up Clues For Adult Diseases

Researchers have begun a new study into the effects of a mother's diet in pregnancy upon unborn babies and their future health.

Mouse With Designer Liver Has Enhanced Glucose Tolerance And Improved Insulin Response

A mouse with improved glucose tolerance and insulin activity in the liver has been created, and generated new findings about insulin-signaling in the liver that could prove useful in understanding the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes.

Breakthrough In Stem Cell Research

Researchers have developed three clones of cells from existing human embryonic stem cells. The breakthrough could lead to new treatments for diabetes, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury.

Scientists Use Transcription Factors To Increase Insulin Production In Diabetic Mice

A group of scientists has used gene therapy to deliver three insulin transcription factors to the livers of diabetic mice. As a result, the mice experienced an increase in insulin gene expression and insulin production.

Joslin Diabetes Center Announces New Nutrition Guidelines

To help Americans fight the dramatic increase in type 2 diabetes, Joslin Diabetes Center has crafted new nutrition and physical activity guidelines for overweight and obese individuals with type 2 diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes (pre-diabetes).

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