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Link Between Pkc Enzyme And Kidney Disease In Diabetes Confirmed

Scientists confirm the link between hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), overexpression of PKC-beta 2 and kidney disease.

Variations in Four Inflammatory Genes May Predispose Mexican Americans to Insulin Resistance

Although numerous studies have shown that low-grade inflammation is linked to heart disease and diabetes, more recent studies have shown that inflammation plays a role in insulin resistance, a syndrome that leads to diabetes and heart disease.

Weight Reduction May Provide Therapy For Asthma Sufferers

Research showed that therapies targeting abdominal fat tissue, such as weight loss, may provide a new approach to treat asthma.

Diabetic Retinopathy Occurs in Pre-Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy has been found in nearly 8 percent of pre-diabetic study participants. It was also seen in 12 percent of participants with type 2 diabetes who developed diabetes during the program.

New Approach to Achieving Diabetes Control Using Insulin Glargine

Results of a study demonstrate that patients with type 2 diabetes can safely achieve target blood sugar levels faster and more frequently when insulin glargine is added to therapy, versus using oral agents alone.

Avoiding Amputation: Early Infection Intervention Can Save Feet and Legs

A new study may help more people save their limbs. It's the first-ever large study of how foot-bone infection, called osteomyelitis, is typically treated and how well the different approaches work.

Tight Glucose Control Lowers Cardiovascular Disease by About 50-percent in Diabetes

New study results confirm that intensive treatment of diabetic patients results in a significantly lower risk of heart disease. In fact, it can cut the risk of cardiovascular disease nearly in half.

NC Woman Is Now Insulin-Free After Series Of Three Islet Cell Transplants

A Davidson woman has been successfully treated for her Type 1 diabetes through a procedure performed at Carolinas Medical Center.

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