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New Link Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes

A study has shown that a protein found in fat cells is a newly discovered cause of insulin resistance.

Study Reveals Trigger For Insulin Resistance In Liver, Potential Drug Targets

Researchers report the discovery of a trigger for insulin resistance in the liver.

Diabetes Drug Controls Blood Glucose, Cardiac Risk

A new review of studies confirms that the drug metformin should be in the first line of defense against type 2 diabetes.

New Compound May Reduce Risk of Vision Loss in Patients With Diabetes

Initial results show that drug may reduce the risk of moderate vision loss, especially in patients with diabetic macular edema.

Obese Men More Carb Intolerant Than Obese Women

Obese men may not process carbohydrates as efficiently as obese women, a condition that can, ultimately, lead to a decrease in fitness level and the development of metabolic disorders.

Adult Lifestyle Biggest Risk Factor For Diabetes

Adult lifestyle has more influence on your chances of developing diabetes than childhood experience, according to new research whose findings contradict previously-held beliefs.

Joslin Launches Program To Bring Vision Resources To Local Communities

Joslin Diabetes Center has launched a new affiliation program designed to bring Joslin's world-class vision resources to local communities across the United States and beyond.

Diuretics Effective For People With Diabetes And High Blood Pressure

In people with diabetes, diuretics work as well as ACE-inhibitors and calcium channel blockers in protecting against heart attack and improving survival, and offer more protection against congestive heart failure.

Regular Yoga Practice May Help Prevent Middle-Age Spread

regular yoga practice may help prevent middle-age spread in normal-weight people and may promote weight loss in those who are overweight.

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