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Dietary Zinc for Diabetes Prevention Not Backed by Evidence

Despite laboratory evidence that zinc helps promote the production and action of insulin, and widespread marketing of zinc supplements for this purpose, no randomized clinical trials show that zinc supplementation prevents the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Study: Cells Passed From Mother to Child May Be First Step in Developing New...

For the first time, scientists have discovered that cells passed from mother to child during pregnancy can differentiate into functioning islet beta cells that produce insulin in the child.

Team Discovers Molecule Which Could Lead to a Diabetes and Obesity Pill

Discovery of a small molecule that has been shown to control diabetes in mice and may pave the way to the development of easier treatment for adult-onset diabetes.

Study Findings May Lead to Treatments that Stimulate Insulin Production

A new study has shown conclusively that a neuropeptide, melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), found in the brain and known for its role in increasing appetite in people, plays a role in the growth of insulin-producing beta cells and the secretion of insulin.

Discovery Could Lead to New Treatments for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss and Blindness

JDRF-funded researchers have identified a group of proteins that may play critical roles in causing blood vessel leakage in the eyes of people with two forms of diabetic retinopathy.

Imaging Technique Highly Accurate in Diagnosing, Locating Pancreas Defects in Newborns

The noninvasive imaging technology called positron-emission tomography is extremely accurate in diagnosing a type of congenital hyperinsulinism, a rare but severe imbalance of insulin levels in newborns.

Study Tests Oral Insulin to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers have begun a clinical study of oral insulin to prevent or delay type 1 diabetes in at-risk people, the National Institutes of Health announced.

Ed Drugs Prove Effective, Safe For Men With Diabetes

Popular drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction - Viagra, Levitra and Cialis - are safe and effective for men with diabetes, a new review has found.

Interfering with Vagal Nerve Activity Prevents Diabetes and Hypertension in Study

Interrupting nerve signals to the liver can prevent diabetes and hypertension in mice, according to scientists at Washington University School of Medicine.

Study: More Evidence That Exercise Pivotal in Preventing or Fighting Diabetes

A new study says that acute exercise, as little as 15 minutes a day, can have a profound influence on preventing and fighting the disease.

Standard Therapy More Effective Than Diabetes Drug in Helping Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...

A drug used to treat diabetes and once thought to have great promise in overcoming the infertility associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), is less effective than the standard fertility drug treatment.

Study: Weight-Loss Supplement Shows Good and Bad Traits

A supplement some people turn to in hopes of losing a few pounds may have some previously unknown, unsavory side effects, suggest two new studies.

Stem Cells Cultured from Human Bone Marrow Behave Like Those Derived from Brain Tissue

Stem cells taken from adult human bone marrow have been manipulated by scientists to generate aggregates of cells called spheres that are similar to those derived from neural stem cells of the brain.

Study: Certain Antihypertensive Drugs May Facilitate and/or Prevent Diabetes While Others Increase Risk

Researchers have found significant differences between antihypertensive drugs and their effect on developing diabetes.

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