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Diabetes Treatment May Lie in Helping Muscles to Burn Fat Better

Scientists have produced results that could silence the current debate about exactly how fat molecules clog up muscle cells, making them less responsive to insulin.

Two Common Diabetes Drugs Double the Risk of Fractures in Women, 1 Reduces Bone...

Two common diabetes drugs - rosiglitazone and pioglitazone - are linked to higher fracture rates in women, according to a meta-analysis.

Diabetics with Previous Foot Ulcers May Be Able to Participate in Walking Program

Individuals with DM+PN might be able to engage in a graduated walking program under close supervision of a medical professional and thus prevent other life threatening illnesses.

Exercise Improves Walking in Peripheral Arterial Disease Patients

Study shows exercise improves walking endurance for people with PAD who have the classic symptoms of calf pain as well as for those without the classic symptoms.

Early Childhood Diet May Influence Future Health, Diabetes

If you have trouble keeping weight off and you're wondering why - the surprising answer may well be the cheeseburgers you ate - when you were a toddler.

Genes Discovered That Increase Risk Of Severe Obesity In Kids And Adults

Researchers have drawn a map of genetic risk factors that can lead to two forms of severe obesity: early-onset obesity in children, and morbid obesity in adults.

Study of Adverse Effects of Statins Release: Muscle and Cognitive Problems Listed

Statin Study group cites nearly 900 studies on the adverse effects of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins), a class of drugs widely used to treat high cholesterol.

Regular Three-Minute Workout Boosts Metabolism

A regular high-intensity, three-minute workout has a significant effect on the body's ability to process sugars.

Twin Study: Getting Diabetes Before 65 More Than Doubles Risk For Alzheimer’s Disease

Diabetics have a significantly greater risk of dementia, both Alzheimer's disease - the most common form of dementia - and other dementia, reveals important new data from an ongoing study of twins. The risk of dementia is especially strong if the onset of diabetes occurs in middle age.

Fear of Hypoglycemia a Barrier to Exercise for Type 1 Diabetics

Study finds individuals with the greatest fear of physical activity had the poorest control of their diabetes.

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