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Early Artificial Pancreas Trials Show Benefits for Kids, Teenagers with Diabetes

Researchers showed that using a first-generation artificial pancreas system overnight can lower the risk of low blood sugar emergencies while sleeping, and at the same time improve diabetes control.

Doctors Miss Major Cause of Infertility and Obesity

Women often misdiagnosed after weight gain from hormonal disorder.

Diabetes Patients Rank Health Concerns Differently Than Their Doctors

About one-third of doctors and their patients with diabetes do not see eye to eye on the most important health conditions to manage.

Diabetes Medication May Help Decrease BMI in Obese Adolescents

Metformin XR appears to cause a small but significant decrease in body mass index (BMI) in non-diabetic obese adolescents when combined with a lifestyle intervention program.

Most Parents Don’t Realize Their 4- or 5-Year-Olds are Overweight or Obese

Half of the mothers who took part in a study thought that their obese four or five year-old was normal weight, as did 39 per cent of the fathers.

Poorer Diabetics Receive Worse Care Than Other in Countries with Universal Health Coverage

People with lower socioeconomic status and those belonging to ethnic minority groups receive worse health care in the treatment of diabetes than the rest of patients in the world's most developed countries.

Severe Complications of Diabetes Higher in Depressed Patients

Depression raises risks of advanced and severe complications from diabetes, including kidney failure, blindness, heart attack and stroke.

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