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Scientists Discover Molecular Switch that Contributes to Cellular Aging Process

Scientists report finding a molecular switch that can turn off some cellular processes that are protective against aging and metabolic diseases. Findings may open doors for new drug treatments to halt or slow development of metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Dietary Intervention Can Prevent the Disease Process Leading to Type 1 Diabetes

A Finnish study confirms the hypothesis that infant feeding plays a role in the initiation of the disease process leading to type 1 diabetes in children carrying increased genetic disease risk.

Depression May Be Both Consequence of and Risk Factor for Diabetes

Diabetes appears to be associated with the risk of depression and vice versa, suggesting the relationship between the two works in both directions.

Diabetes Drug Could Work Against Alzheimer’s

Metformin, a drug used in type 2-diabetes might have the potential to also act against Alzheimer's disease.

Chronic High Cholesterol Diet Produces Brain Damage

Research demonstrated that chronic high fat cholesterol diet in rats exhibited pathologies similar to Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists Discover New Mechanism for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Medical scientists have identified for the first time a new way in which our body controls the levels of sugar in our blood following a meal.

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