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Does Lifestyle Counseling Really Help Glycemic Control with Diabetic Patients?

A group of researchers have discovered that one way false information can make its way into electronic medical records is due to users' reliance on copying and pasting material within the patient's record.

Diabetics at Higher Risk of Tuberculosis Infection

People with diabetes have a three to five times higher risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB) than non-diabetics, according to researchers.

Way to Convert Cells Into Insulin-Making Cells Discovered

Simply put, people develop diabetes because they don't have enough pancreatic beta cells to produce the insulin necessary to regulate their blood sugar levels. Findings of UCLA study hold promise for fight against diabetes.

Cardiovascular Side Effects of Popular Diabetes Drug Explained

Drugs known as thiazolidinediones, or TZDs for short, are widely used in diabetes treatment, but they come with a downside. The drugs have effects on the kidneys that lead to fluid retention as the volume of plasma in the bloodstream expands.

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