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Study: Marijuana Users Have Better Blood Sugar Control

Investigators report that regular marijuana use is associated with favorable indices related to diabetic control. Marijuana users had significantly lower fasting insulin and were less likely to be insulin resistant.

Discovery Opens Door to New Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Researchers have discovered that a particular type of hormone found in fat cells helps regulate how blood sugar is controlled and metabolized in the liver.

Study: Popular Cholesterol-Lowering Statin May Reduce the Benefits of Exercise

Researchers found that a widely used statin hindered the positive effects of exercise for obese and overweight adults.

Could Nanotechnology Help Fight Diabetes?

Injectable nanoparticles developed at MIT may someday eliminate the need for patients with Type 1 diabetes to constantly monitor their blood-sugar levels and inject themselves with insulin.

ACP Issues Recommendations for Management of High Blood Glucose in Hospitalized Patients

High blood glucose is associated with poor outcomes in hospitalized patients, and use of intensive insulin therapy (IIT) to control it is a common practice in hospitals. But recent evidence does not show a consistent benefit and even shows harms associated with the use of IIT.

New Blood Test Assesses Gestational Diabetes Risk Early in Pregnancy

Levels of a biomarker in a pregnant woman's blood can help physicians gauge her risk of developing gestational diabetes during the first trimester.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish Oil Supplements May Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes

Fish oil supplements modestly increase amounts of a hormone that is associated with lower risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Injectable Nano-Network Controls Blood Sugar in Diabetics for Days at a Time

Researchers have developed a network of nanoscale particles that can be injected into the body and release insulin when blood-sugar levels rise, maintaining normal blood sugar levels for more than a week.

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