New Needle Free Injection System Provides Comfortable Option For Taking Insulin

There's encouraging news for the more than 16 million Americans living with diabetes-painful needlesticks associated with insulin injection may soon be a thing of the past. A new kind of medical technology is helping take the fear, the pain and the needle out of insulin therapy. The system is clinically proven to be just as effective as a needle and syringe, and many diabetics say it is much more comfortable to use. Instead of using a needle, it propels a fine stream of insulin through a tiny opening at the end of a needle-free syringe. The pressure gently pushes the insulin through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue.

"Injex is a consumer-friendly technology," said Brian Anderson, Director of Marketing for Equidyne Systems, the manufacturer of the Injex Needle Free Injector System. "It's compact, convenient and very accurate. And, it allows people to take their injections without the fear and anxiety associated with needles."

Prior to each injection, the easy-to-use injector is placed inside a small "reset box" which sets the internal spring. The insulin dose is drawn from a medication vial into a single-use ampule through a vial adapter. The patient attaches the ampule to the injector, places the ampule tip firmly against the skin, and pushes the trigger release to deliver the injection. All the patient feels is a little pressure against the skin.

There are several benefits to needle-free injection. First, it makes life easier for patients who must inject themselves with insulin several times a day. "Most people can't understand what goes through my mind when I think of injecting with a needle," said Dan Grebles of San Diego, Calif. "And at the same time, it's hard to describe how calm I feel about using injex. It's night and day." Plus, for patients with Type 2 diabetes, Injex can help make the transition from oral medications to insulin injections easier.

While needle free insulin delivery is the primary use of this needle-free system, it may also be used to administer other injectable medications and vaccines. Meanwhile, the FDA-approved system eliminates accidental needlesticks and disposal concerns, a major benefit for both the clinical and home settings.

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The Injex Needle Free Injector System is available by prescription through many retail pharmacies, including CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid and Stop & Shop locations. Many health insurance plans cover the $260 retail cost. For more information, visit the Web site at or call toll-free 1-877-474-6539.

Source: NAPS