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Insulin Resistance Speeds Up Cognitive Decline, Dimentia

Dimenta Risk due to Insulin Resistance

Researchers report that executive function and memory are particularly vulnerable to the effects of insulin resistance, which may increase the risk of dimentia later in life for people living with diabetes.

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Video: Fasting-Mimicking Diet May Reduce Disease Risk Factors and Reverse Diabetes

Research in cells suggests that a fasting-mimicking diet may reprogram pancreas cells that are unable to produce insulin and enable them to repair themselves and start making it.

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Periodic Fasting Diet May Reverse Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, Says USC-led study

Fasting-like Diet Reverses T1 and T2 Diabetes in Study

A diet designed to imitate the effects of fasting appears to reverse diabetes for type 1 and type 2 diabetes by reprogramming cells, a new USC-led study shows.

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Study: Simple Leg Exercises Can Help Diabetic Heart Health

Photo of Simple Leg Exercises Prevent Diabetes Complications

A UBC study has found that a few simple leg exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes complications, improve blood vessel function and lower the risk of heart problems.

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Cutting Nerves to Kidneys Improves Insulin Resistance, Says Diabetes Study

Blood Tests - Cutting Nerves and Insulin Resistance

An interesting Cedars-Sinai diabetes study has found that cutting specific nerves to the kidneys improved insulin sensitivity.

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Impact of Insulin Resistance on Cardiac Function

Diabetes and Cardiac Function

First study to assess the impact of diabetes mellitus on cardiac geometry and to report the association between insulin resistance and cardiac structure and function.

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Air Pollution Increases Diabetes Risk, Says New Study

Pollution and Diabetes

According to researchers, people who are exposed to greater levels of air pollution where they live have a greater risk of developing diabetes, as well as several other health conditions.

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Citrus Fruits May Help Prevent Obesity-Related Diabetes, Heart and Liver Disease

Citrus Fruit Prevents Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease

Being obese increases the risk of developing heart disease, liver disease and diabetes, but researchers report that citrus fruit may help prevent the effect that obesity has.

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Study: Why Most Obese People Develop Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Why Most Obese People Develop Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Findings from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), which appear in eLife, provide a possible explanation as to why most people who are obese develop insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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Replacing Carbs with Healthy Fat Could Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Mixed Nuts - Diabetes

Study provides evidence for the effects of dietary fats and carbohydrate on the regulation of glucose and insulin levels and several other metrics linked to type 2 diabetes.

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