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Current news and events relating to Juvenile Diabetes, also known as type 1 diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Germs Help Cause Type 1 Diabetes

Study: Germs Have a Role in Causing Type 1 Diabetes

New research suggests that germs may be partly to blame for the development of type 1 diabetes because they activate killer T-cells.Germs could play...

Experimental Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Has Almost 80-percent Success Rate

An experimental cure for Type 1 diabetes has a nearly 80 percent success rate. The results offer possible hope of curing a disease that affects 3 million Americans.

Strong Evidence Links Soft Drink Consumption to Obesity, Diabetes

The case against swigging soda just got stronger. A review of 88 studies finds strong evidence to reduce population consumption of soft drinks.

Video Gaming Puts Children More At-Risk for Behavioral and Health Problems

Video game makers seem to be addressing concerns about how playing affects children. But too much gaming still puts children more at-risk for behavioral and health problems, health experts say.
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Type 1 Diabetes Breakthrough with Artemisinin Treatment

Researchers have announced that FDA-approved artemisinins, used for decades to treat malaria, offer a completely new therapy for type 1 diabetes.It promises to be...

New Findings Change Understanding of Adult Stem Cells

Researchers have found neural stem cells in the peripheral nervous system of adult animals, where they were not believed to exist. The studies show that the intrinsic properties of neural stem cells vary according to the region of the peripheral nervous system in which the cells are located.

Waist Size Is Associated With The Metabolic Syndrome In Children

Waist circumference is associated with insulin resistance in children and may offer a simple way to identify children with risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Gene Discovered for Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Pediatrics researchers have identified a gene variant that raises a child's risk for type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes.

Rapid Weight Gain in Infancy May Lead to Obesity at Age 7

apid rates of weight gain during infancy could be linked to obesity later in childhood, report researchers in the February issue of Pediatrics.

Gene Variant Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, But Healthy Lifestyle Changes Reduce Genetic...

Researchers have confirmed that a gene variant confers susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in participants of the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Treatment Algorithm Helps Successfully Manage Diabetes After Transplant Surgery

New research highlighting the relationship between steroids and insulin requirements suggests a possible treatment algorithm in post-liver transplant patients.

Healthy Weight Means Healthier Blood Lipid Profile In Children

Study shows maintaining a healthy weight in children may be one good way for them to keep a healthy blood lipid profile and grow up with a happy heart.

Long-Acting Insulin Safer and More Effective for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Long-acting insulin is safer and more effective than intermediate-acting insulin for patients with Type 1 diabetes, according to new research.

Gene Trigger For Pancreas Formation Identified

Could pave the way toward limitless supplies of pancreatic cells for transplantation therapy of diabetes.

Possible Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes

A new vaccine being tested in a human clinical trial holds a great deal of promise for treating type 1 diabetes, a disease that newly afflicts 35,000 children each year.

‘Motherwell’s Babies’ Study May Yield Up Clues For Adult Diseases

Researchers have begun a new study into the effects of a mother's diet in pregnancy upon unborn babies and their future health.

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