Juvenile Diabetes

Current news and events relating to Juvenile Diabetes, also known as type 1 diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Antibiotic Use in Children May Increase Diabetes Risk

Giving Children Antibiotics May Increase Type 1 Diabetes Risk

A single course of antibiotics early in childhood may increase risk for Type 1 diabetes according to new findings published this week.

Experimental Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Has Almost 80-percent Success Rate

An experimental cure for Type 1 diabetes has a nearly 80 percent success rate. The results offer possible hope of curing a disease that affects 3 million Americans.

Antibody Therapy Prevents Type 1 Diabetes in Study

Investigators have successfully prevented the onset of type 1 diabetes in mice prone to developing the disease using an antibody against a receptor on the surface of immune T-cells. Findings have significant implications for the prevention of type 1 diabetes.

Simple Blood Test In Doctor’s Office Could Detect New Cases of Diabetes

A new study indicates that performing diabetes tests on people visiting the doctor for other health concerns may be a helpful and cost-effective screening strategy.

Incidence of Fatty Liver Disease Rises as Obesity in Children Increases

Researchers are taking a closer look at Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis, more popularly known as Fatty Liver Disease, whose incidence is rising as obesity in children increases.

Body Mass Index in Adolescence Associated with Early Occurrence of Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes risk is mainly associated with increased body mass index (BMI) close to the time of diagnosis at early adulthood, while coronary heart disease risk is associated with elevated BMI both at adolescence and adulthood.

Family Environment A Significant Predictor Of Adolescent Obesity

New ASU study examines the factors that contribute toward children becoming overweight or obese in early adulthood.

Oral Meds Good For Controlling Type 2 Diabetes In Children

Oral medications may control symptoms of Type II diabetes in children just as well as insulin injections, a new study reports.

Strong Evidence Links Soft Drink Consumption to Obesity, Diabetes

The case against swigging soda just got stronger. A review of 88 studies finds strong evidence to reduce population consumption of soft drinks.

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