Study: Over Half of Americans have Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes


Disturbing news for Americans — the percentage of U.S. adults with prediabetes or diabetes is around 52%. The one positive note is that the increase seems to be leveling off.

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Education Level and Diabetes: Study Shows Who Does a Better Job at Preventing or Managing Diabetes


Study analyzed data that combined interviews, physical exams and laboratory tests to find out who does better at preventing or managing diabetes — college grads or those who didn’t graduate college.

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Dolphin Diet May Provide the Answer for Preventing Diabetes


Amazing research with dolphins provides hope for prevention of diabetes in humans. Study showed that a modified diet higher in heptadecanoic acid reversed metabolic syndrome.

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Diabetes Risk Linked to Faster Heart Rate


An association between resting heart rate and diabetes suggests that heart rate measures could identify individuals with a higher future risk of diabetes.

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Simple Device for Sleep Apnea Lowers Diabetes Risk


Pre-diabetics are at increased risk for developing diabetes and many also have untreated sleep apnea. There is a simple device that can reduce the risk of progressing to diabetes.

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Diabetes Preventing Drug for Pre-Diabetics Rarely Being Used


Few doctors are prescribing a low-cost drug that has been proven effective in preventing the onset of diabetes, according to a UCLA study.

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Diabetes Perceptions Vary According to Risk Factors

Perceptions about risks for diabetes

Compared to those who had a first-degree relative with diabetes, those who did not were less concerned that they might have diabetes, reported a poorer understanding of the disease, and were less emotionally affected by the possibility of a future diagnosis.

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