Memory Impairment and Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise Helps

Photo of people walking - which can help with type 2 diabetes

Researchers have found that moderate exercise may improve hippocampal memory dysfunction caused by type 2 diabetes and that enhanced transport of lactate to neurons may be the underlying mechanism.

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Diabetes Linked to Brain Tangles, Separate from Alzheimer’s Disease


People with type 2 diabetes have double the risk of developing dementia, and this new development shows how the diseases may be linked without having Alzheimer’s Disease.

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New Link Discovered Between Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimers and Diabetes Linked

More evidence has been found that links Alzheimer’s, which is a disease that robs people of their memories, and elevated blood sugar levels. [Read more…]

Brains of Type 1 Diabetics Show Signs of Accelerated Aging


People with type 1 diabetes show signs of accelerated aging and slower information processing. Study suggests that middle-aged type 1 diabetics should be screened for cognitive difficulties.

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Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Increased Dementia Risk, Depression Makes it Even Worse

Type 2 diabetes, dimentia and depression

Depression and type 2 diabetes mellitus were each associated with an increased risk for dementia and that risk was even greater among individuals diagnosed with both depression and diabetes. [Read more…]