University Project Turns a Smartphone into an Artificial Pancreas

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A high-tech University of Virginia project to turn an ordinary smartphone into an artificial pancreas that could transform the lives of people with type-1 diabetes.

The artificial pancreas was developed at the School of Medicine by a team of researchers led by Boris Kovatchev, the director of the U.Va. Center for Diabetes Technology, and Patrick Keith-Hynes. The device consists of a reconfigured smartphone running advanced algorithms, linked wirelessly with a blood glucose monitor and an insulin pump, and communicating with Internet services in real time.

The system’s developers intend for it to monitor and regulate blood-sugar levels automatically, report to a remote-monitoring site and link the user with assistance via telemedicine as needed. This would save users from having to stick their fingers to check their glucose levels multiple times a day and eliminate the need for countless syringes to inject insulin manually.

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Article: Artificial Pancreas to Undergo Final Tests, Could Lead to FDA Approval

Source: YouTube / UVA School of Medicine

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