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Many Obese Youth Have Condition that Precedes Type 2 Diabetes

Many obese children and adolescents have impaired glucose tolerance, a condition that often appears before the development of type 2 diabetes.

Study Shows 25 Percent of Obese Children are at High Risk for Developing Diabetes

Twenty five percent of obese children and 21 percent of obese adolescents tested by Yale researchers were glucose intolerant and at high risk for developing diabetes.

Insulin May Prevent Thrombosis Leading to Heart Attack and Stroke

Study Suggests Insulin May Have Potential to Prevent Thrombosis Leading to Heart Attack and Stroke, Reduces factors promoting clotting, platelet aggregation

New Therapy for Coronary Artery Disease

Promising results from a study of therapeutic angiogenesis may translate into a future treatment option for people who suffer from chest pain caused by coronary artery disease.

Leptin Replacement Therapy Drastically Reduces Triglyceride Levels and Controls Diabetes in Certain Patients

Leptin replacement therapy drastically reduces triglyceride levels and controls diabetes in patients with lipodystrophies.

Researchers Find Region of Gene for Inherited Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers have mapped the location of a gene associated with inherited pancreatic cancer.

Obesity Growing Threat to World Health

Obesity is spreading at an alarming rate, not just in industrialized countries but in developing countries, where obesity often sits next to malnutrition.

Muscle Gene May Be Target to Prevent or Treat Obesity and Diabetes

Myostatin might be a useful target for preventing or treating obesity and associated conditions, like diabetes.

Childhood Eating Habits May Persist Into Adolescence and Lead to Obesity

Chinese children are likely to maintain their dietary intake patterns from childhood into adolescence, a new study has found.

Xenical and Weight Loss

Xenical support programmes shown to double weight loss success and increase patient satisfaction.

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