Xenical and Weight Loss

Support programmes provided to patients taking the weight loss medication Xenical have been shown to significantly improve the levels of weight loss achieved and increase patient satisfaction and compliance with treatment according to data being presented this week at the First Annual Nutrition Week, San Diego, California, 23-27 February 2002.1

After four months of treatment with Xenical, patients continuing with a support programme were shown to lose twice as much weight as those patients who had lapsed treatment (8.5kg vs 4kg).1

The two-way support offered by the programme improved patient satisfaction. Data for 12 countries analysed worldwide (including Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA) showed that over 90% of patients were satisfied with their treatment and level of weight loss. In addition, a high percentage of patients (74%) not enrolled in a patient support programme believed that such a programme would help maintain their weight loss. 1

Results from the study also show that patients enrolled in a support programme continued with treatment for twice as long as non-enrolled patients (2.5-2.7 times longer respectively in Australia, Germany and France)1 which meant that more patients achieved their weight loss goals.

The study included a systematic review of the literature to identify critical success factors in obesity-specific patient support programmes. These were then incorporated into the Xenical patient support programmes which were monitored worldwide.

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Patient support programmes offer a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. The programmes are individually tailored to help people achieve their weight loss goals, and maintain weight loss, through healthy eating, physical activity, behaviour modification and pharmacotherapy.

Feedback received from patients enrolled in the Xenical programme demonstrates its value. One patient, enrolled in the US patient support programme, Xenicare, commented "Xenical is great, but without all of your hints and information, I know I wouldnt be prepared when I eventually go off the medicine. Never before in any of my attempts to lose weight have I had so much help."

Roche provides free patient support programmes in around 50 countries worldwide to help support people taking Xenical. "Effective, well designed support programmes are key factors in successful, prolonged weight management. The Xenical programmes are based on this principal, and have proved to increase weight loss, increase compliance and increase patient satisfaction," Paul Brown, Global Director Xenical, at Roche Pharmaceuticals said.


1. Andersson P. "Importance of patient support programmes in weight management with orlistat". Abstract presented at Nutrition Week, San Diego, 2002.

Source: Shire Hall International