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More TV Time Means Bigger Waist Line For Children

Children who spend more total time watching television, including those who eat meals in front of the tube, are more likely to be overweight, suggests a study published in the June issue of the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Data Reveals Lilly’s PKC b Inhibitor Improved Symptomatic Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Lilly's investigational protein kinase C b inhibitor improved symptoms, vibratory sensation and other measures of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in Phase 2 trial results.

Nation’s Leading Hospitals Serving Up Fast Food

Researchers find 38 percent of top hospitals in U.S. have fast food franchises on-site. When you see your favorite fast food restaurant inside the hospital that just told you to eat healthy, aren't you getting a mixed message?

Study Suggests Body Mass Index Guidelines Should Be Lower to Block Diabetes

The recommended upper limit of a healthy body mass index might need to be revised downward to protect people from becoming glucose intolerant or developing type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.

Obesity…By Choice

The nation’s soaring obesity rate offers evidence that in the animal kingdom, humans are flunking in their nutritional wisdom.

Heart Attack Patients May Benefit From Drinking Tea

Drinking tea on a regular basis may help protect patients with existing cardiovascular disease, according to a study which finds that tea consumption is associated with an increased rate of survival following a heart attack.

New Data Show Fast and Significant Weight Loss With Xenical Sustained Over Time

The weight loss medication Xenical helps patients achieve rapid and sustained weight loss according to the results of a new study designed to reflect real world usage of Xenical in clinical practice.

Ginseng Berry Extract Shows Promise For Diabetes, Obesity

An extract from the ginseng berry shows real promise in treating diabetes and obesity, reports a research team from the University of Chicago's Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research.

A New Hope For Diabetics In Treating Blindness

Australian research has led to clinical trials of a drug that could provide a painless and non-destructive way to treat blindness in diabetics.

Researchers Discover Blood Stem Cells

New discovery marks an important step in the quest to master diabetes, cancer, heart disease, sight-robbing retinal disorders and a multitude of other medical conditions.

Studies Yield Key Insights in Preventing Destruction of Insulin-Producing Cells

Researchers a step closer to the goals of preventing type 1 diabetes and of preserving insulin production in people newly diagnosed with the disease.

Researchers Use Therapeutic Cloning to Create Functional Tissue in Cows

Cloned cells organize into muscle, heart and kidney tissue; animals show no rejection.

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