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Young Adults Lose Years of Their Lives to Obesity

Severe obesity can take up to 20 years off a young man's life, a new study suggests.

Individuals’ Medical Costs Rise With Increasing Obesity

Overweight and obese individuals incur up to $1,500 more in annual medical costs than healthy-weight individuals, according to a two-year study.

Moderate Physical Activity Is Critical For Reducing The Risk Of Chronic Disease In Older...

Getting regular, moderate-intensity exercise may be critically important for postmenopausal women who want to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

UT Southwestern Researchers Develop New Model for Understanding Obesity, Diabetes

Through the study of fat storage in nematode worms, researchers have formulated a new model for understanding the mechanisms of obesity and diabetes in humans.

Early Diagnosis Of Childhood Diabetes

Researchers suggest that they have a technique that may be used to detect a group of self-destructive cells involved in autoimmune disorders, which may increase ability to predict the development of diabetes.

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