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Study Questions Claim That Diabetics Are Less Likely to Recognize Signs of Heart Attack

Some studies have suggested that people with adult onset Type 2 diabetes are also less able to detect a critical heart attack warning sign.

Location of Ulcerations in Diabetic Patients May Be Explained

Recent efforts may provide insight into ulceration issues.

Derivative of the Green Tea Leaf May Help With Metabolic Syndrome X

Metabolic Syndrome X is the term used to describe a group of heart disease risk factors.

Diabetes Among Siblings, Obesity: Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Two important risk factors for metabolic syndrome, family history of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, are independent predictors of heart disease.

Researchers Find Possible Link Between Pre-Natal Alcohol Consumption, Diabetes Insipidus, and Kidney Disease

Study finds that ethanol fed rats produce offspring displaying symptoms of diabetes insipidus.

Study Finds Components of Diabetes in African Americans Have Genetic Underpinnings

UAB and USC team suggests genes account for greater insulin resistance.

Silent Strokes Increase Odds of Devastating Strokes

People who have had silent strokes, which have no symptoms, are 8 to 12 percent more likely to have a major debilitating stroke within the following year.

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