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Study Shows Patients Taking Lipitor Show Significant Cardiovascular Benefit

Preliminary results showed diabetic patients who took the cholesterol-lowering medicine Lipitor had significantly fewer heart attacks, strokes and surgical procedures compared to patients who received placebo.

Study Shows Drug For Treating Type-2 Diabetes May Limit Heart Disease Risk

A drug used to treat high blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes also may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes, Hypertension in Pregnancy Can Raise Heart Disease Risk, say Pittsburgh Researchers

Women who have pregnancy-related high blood pressure conditions or diabetes can develop heart disease risk factors as soon as two years after giving birth.

Study Finds Statins Would Cut Heart Attacks and Strokes by One Third in People...

Doctors should routinely consider giving cholesterol-lowering statins to anyone with diabetes who has a substantial risk of a heart attack or a stroke, according to recent findings.

Obesity is a Family Illness: Research Offers Clues on How to Stop the Cycle

The first step in addressing the obesity epidemic is to teach parents of young children how to eat right, according to new research published in Preventive Medicine.

Aspirin As Effective as Ticlopidine in African American Stroke Prevention

Results show that aspirin can be as effective as ticlopidine for prevention of a second stroke in African Americans.

A Tiny Pump Promises Big Time Performance: BU Invention Could Sweeten Diabetes Therapy Within...

Hopes are that within the next 3 to 5 years diabetics could see their quality of life enhanced by this chip-sized pump with no moving parts.

Cooking Oil to Fight Fat and Cholesterol?

Study of new blend of cooking oil that enables people to heighten their metabolism, lower their cholesterol and, in some cases, lose weight.

Study Finds Clues To Diabetes Puzzle

A diabetes epidemic that appears to have claimed the life of composer Johann Sebastian Bach may explain disparities in diabetes rates among 21st-century ethnic groups.

For Diabetics, Race and Ethnicity Can Mean The Difference Between Life and Death

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, race and ethnicity can mean the difference between life and death says a Texas A&M professor.

Preliminary Results of Islet Transplant Trial Confirms Potential Patient Benefits

ITN announced preliminary results from its 36-patient multicenter clinical trial of the Edmonton Protocol for islet transplantation.

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