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Research Suggests How Steroids Cause Diabetes and Hypertension; Liver Plays Critical Role

Steroids critical for treating diseases such as asthma, arthritis and pain syndromes, can trigger diabetes and hypertension.

Diabetes and Heart Patients Often Treated with Diabetes Medications Considered Unsafe

More than a quarter of diabetic patients hospitalized with heart failure are treated with diabetes medications not considered safe by the FDA.

Inflammation Blocks Impact of Heart Healthy Diets for Some

Natural chemicals in the body as a result of chronic inflammation may underpin the failure of healthy diet.

Men With 3 of 5 Metabolic Abnormalities Risk Diabetes, Heart Disease

Men with at least 3 metabolic abnormalities are at high risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Trans Fatty Acids on Food Labels: A Big Help For Consumers

including trans fatty acids on food labels should help millions of people.

Sweetened Drinks Put Children at Risk for Obesity, Poor Nutrition

Too much soda and other sugar-filled drinks make children fat - which can lead to other problems.

Green, Black Tea Extracts Found to Lower Cholesterol

Clinical trial is the first human study to find that a tea product lowers cholesterol.

Low Birthweight Link to Diabetes: Opportunity to Rescue Insulin-Making Cells and Thwart Future Onset

Common condition that leads to low birthweight babies may predispose the infants to obesity and diabetes.

Many Diabetics May Not Know They Have Kidney Disease

Screening for kidney disease among type 2 diabetics missing an estimated 300,000 people in the U.S.

New Vaccine May Stop Progression of Type I Diabetes

New vaccine has been shown in early trials to stop progression of type I diabetes.

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