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1-in-3 Type 1 Diabetics Still Produce Insulin Years After Being Diagnosed

About one-third of type 1 diabetics (T1D) produce insulin even upward of forty years from initial diagnosis, according to a new study.

Most Popular Drug for Diabetes May be Safer for Patients with Kidney Disease Than...

The most popular treatment for type 2 diabetes may be safer for patients with mild to moderate kidney disease than guidelines suggest, according to a new review.

ADA Lowers BMI Cut Point for Screening Asian Americans

The ADA is lowering the Body Mass Index (BMI) cut point at which it recommends screening Asian Americans for type 2 diabetes.

American Diabetes Association Changes Guidelines for Statin Use for Diabetics to Prevent Heart Disease

The American Diabetes Association is recommending a less stringent diastolic blood pressure target for people with diabetes and that all people with diabetes take either moderate or high doses of statins.

Type 1 Diabetics’ Blood Sugar Defense Mechanisms Restored After Islet Cell Transplantation

Type 1 diabetics who have developed low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) as a complication of insulin treatments over time are able to regain normal internal recognition of the condition after receiving pancreatic islet cell transplantation.

For Type 2 Diabetics: Increased Risk of Death Linked to Insulin Dosage

Researchers were able to show a correlation between patients treated with a higher dosage of insulin and a raised risk of cancer development, heart attacks and stroke.

Diabetic Patients at Risk From Even Mild Coronary Artery Disease

According to a new long-term study, diabetic patients with even mild coronary artery disease face the same relative risk for a heart attack or other major adverse heart events as diabetics with serious single-vessel obstructive disease.

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