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Doctor holding tablet pc - New Diabetic Neuropathy Guidelines for Doctors

New Diabetic Neuropathy Guidelines for Physicians Released

New guidelines from Michigan Medicine researchers and the American Diabetes Association equip physicians with better information on how to treat Diabetic Neuropathy.An estimated 60...
Photo - Testing for Peripherial Nerve Damage

Peripheral Nerve Damage Discovery: New Hope for Diabetics

New discovery could lead to effective repair therapies for those suffering peripheral nerve damage and offers hope to millions of people with diabetes.Research published...
Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Diabetics May Have Hidden Pancreatic Cancer

Doctors and patients should be aware of early warning signs for pancreatic cancer in people with diabetes, which has links to diabetes medications.Patients and...
Diabetes Cure Would Cut Deaths by 12-Percent

Cure for Diabetes Would Lower Deaths by 12-Percent

Diabetes accounts for more US deaths than previously thought but researchers estimate that a cure for diabetes would cut overall deaths by 12-percent.Diabetes accounts...
Photo of Push Ups- Safe Exercise Guidelines for Type 1 Diabetics

New Safe Exercise Guidelines for Type 1 Diabetes

A new set of guidelines developed by an international team of researchers will help people with type 1 diabetes exercise safely to avoid fluctuations...
Common Insecticide Increases Diabetes Risk, Mimics Melatonin

Common Insecticide Increases Diabetes Risk, Tricks Melatonin Receptor

UB scientists have evidence that exposure to one of the most commonly used insecticides creates a higher risk for metabolic diseases like diabetes.Synthetic chemicals...
Photo of How Smart Patch for Diabetes Works

Painless Smart Patch for Diabetes Control, Insulin Delivery

New details have been released by the scientists who are developing the painless "smart" patch that monitors blood sugar levels and releases insulin when...
Photo of Chinese People - Shorter Lifespan for Chinese Diabetics

For Chinese Adults, Diabetes Takes 9 Years Off Life

A recent JAMA study has found that Chinese adults with diabetes lose an average of 9 years off of their life span when compared...
Photo of Simple Leg Exercises Prevent Diabetes Complications

Study: Simple Leg Exercises Can Help Diabetic Heart Health

A UBC study has found that a few simple leg exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes complications, improve blood vessel function and lower...
Photo: Expenses of Co-pays for Insurance Plans

Affect of Health Plan Deductibles on Diabetes, Chronic Illnesses

Newly released details from a study published in JAMA finds that even low deductible plans can mean high out-of-pocket costs for people living with...
New Guidelines Endorsed by ACP for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Treatment Guidelines Updated by ACP

The American Academy of Family Physicians has endorsed new guidelines about which medications should be prescribed for the treatment of people living with type...
Photo of Senior - Hearing Loss Linked to Iron Deficiency in Seniors

Hearing Loss Tied to Iron Deficiency

Newly published JAMA study finds that an association exists between iron deficiency in adults and hearing loss.In a study published by JAMA Otolaryngology-Head &...

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