ALERT: Medtronic Recalls Quick-Set Plus Infusion Sets

May 18, 2004 -- Medtronic, Inc. today announced that its Diabetes division began notifying diabetic patients, healthcare professionals and distributors that it is conducting a nationwide recall of Quick-set Plus infusion sets because of problems that can interrupt insulin flow to diabetics who use them. These problems have resulted in a number of serious injuries, including some hospitalizations.

The company is asking patients to contact its 24-Hour Help Line at (800) MINIMED (1-800-646-4633) to exchange any unused Quick-set Plus infusion sets for replacement sets available currently from Medtronic. In the event that it is necessary to continue use of the Quick-set Plus while replacement sets are in transit, Medtronic is recommending that patients monitor their blood glucose levels frequently and be prepared to treat any elevated glucose levels that may occur with injections. Patients are also being instructed to contact their healthcare professional in the event of excessively high or low glucose levels or with any questions about their care. Information regarding the exchange of Quick-set Plus infusion sets is available at

This recall applies to all Paradigm Quick-Set Plus models (MMT-359S6, MMT-359S9, MMT-359L6 and MMT-359L9) and lot numbers.This action affects only the Quick-set Plus infusion set; no other Medtronic devices or infusion sets are involved in this recall.

This notification is a follow-up to a voluntary action undertaken by the company in March 2004 in response to an increased number of complaints related to the use of the Quick-set Plus infusion set, which delivers insulin from an infusion pump to a patients body. The complaints involved problems with bending of the infusion sets cannula or unintentional disconnection of the set at the insertion site. At that time, customers were provided with a Quick-set Plus tips guide and offered replacement infusion sets upon request. The company also discontinued selling the Quick-set Plus infusion sets in conjunction with this initial notification.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified this voluntary action as a Class I recall. The FDA defines a Class I recall as a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

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Source: FDA