Diabetic Gourmet Magazine’s New Cookbook Now Available Worldwide

The highly anticipated cookbook from Diabetic Gourmet Magazine, titled "The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 200 Healthy Recipes from Homestyle Favorites to Restaurant Classics," (John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0471393266) is now available in bookstores throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and England. Some popular retailers include Barnes and Noble, WaldenBooks, and Borders Books. Online retail outlets, such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, are shipping The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook to almost every destination in the world -- so it's easy for just about anyone anywhere to order it.

Something For Everyone, Perfect For Diabetics

Don't let the title of the book scare you. While The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook has been designed to meet the needs of people living with diabetes, it really is a cookbook for everyone who appreciates great food. With over 200 recipes that are perfect for everyday meals, as well as for entertaining, The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook makes a wonderful, thoughtful addition to any cookbook collection.

Whether you're a newly diagnosed diabetic, or you've been living with diabetes for decades, you'll find The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook to be an invaluable source of information and resources in addition to it's recipes. While it is a cookbook, it also provides several chapters of concise, easy-to-read information about diabetes, healthful cooking and meal planning, suggestions for the well-stocked diabetic pantry, helpful resources, and more. Along with a sample recipe listing, the entire first chapter (Diabetes Basics) has been made available online at The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook Website for anyone interested in a sneak peak.

The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook is also well-suited for some of today's most popular diets -- including low- or reduced-carb diets such as The Atkins Diet®, The South Beach Diet®, and The Zone Diet®, as well as people dieting with Weight Watchers®. It's also perfect for people with health conditions that require special dietary needs, such as those with high-cholesterol, high blood-pressure, or heart disease -- or who have been warned about pre-diabetes. The recipes featured are carefully portioned original creations, as well as modified versions of traditional favorites, that were created with a close eye on fat, calories, sodium, carbohydrate and, last but definitely not least, taste.

No Need To Sacrifice Taste For Healthy Recipes

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The editors of Diabetic Gourmet Magazine have long operated with the belief that the diabetic diet should be seen as selective, not restrictive. They also understand that while it is necessary for people living with diabetes to regulate their eating habits, it is unrealistic to expect them to suddenly not have a taste for certain types of food.

By including healthier versions of the types of dishes that some would say helped them down the road to developing diabetes in the first place, The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook addresses realistic food preferences in addition to healthy eating guidelines. That's why this collection of mouth-watering dishes includes healthy versions of crowd pleasers like chocolate chip pancakes, cranberry scones, huevos rancheros, potato skins, pot roast, veal piccata, penne ala vodka, pasta e fagiole, spinach bruschetta, macaroni and cheese, Greek gyros with tzatziki sauce, peanut butter cookies, banana cream pie, baklava, hazelnut chocolate cheesecake and pecan winter waffles.

The recipes that appear in The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook are original recipes that do not appear in Diabetic Gourmet Magazine or any of it's other publications, including The Diabetic Newsletter or The Daily Diabetic Recipe. The only way to get your hands on this collection of fantastic recipes is to get your hands on the cookbook!

Find Out More

For more information about The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook, or to find a listing of popular retailers, visit The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook website at DiabeticGourmetCookbook.com. Consumers and retailers can also contact the publisher (Wiley & Sons) directly for more information or to order the book by calling toll-free 877-762-2974, weekdays between 8am to 8pm Eastern Time or by visiting www.Wiley.com.

Source: Diabetic Gourmet Magazine