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Latest news about type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes and related health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney disease, eye disease, neuropathy and more. Diabetes news for diabetics, physicians and caregivers.

Study Finds New Antibiotic Effective for Diabetic Foot Infections

A clinical trial shows that linezolid, a new antibiotic, is at least as effective as two older therapies for treating diabetic foot infections.

Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Single Gene Mutation in One-In-Ten Patients

A multinational study has identified a key gene mutation responsible for type 2 diabetes in nearly 10 percent of patients of white European ancestry.

Researchers Discover a ‘Good’ Fat That Fights Diabetes

Scientists have discovered a new class of molecules—produced in human and mouse fat—that protects against diabetes.

Discovery Opens Door to New Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Researchers have discovered that a particular type of hormone found in fat cells helps regulate how blood sugar is controlled and metabolized in the liver.

Drug Shows Promise in Preventing Type 1 Diabetes

An anti-inflammatory drug called lisofylline could be beneficial for people at risk for Type 1 diabetes.

Cybersecurity Risks of the Artificial Pancreas

The risk of security threats targeting an artificial pancreas is a major concern and has not been sufficiently considered in the research and development...
Type 2 diabetes, dimentia and depression

Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Increased Dementia Risk, Depression Makes it Even Worse

Depression and type 2 diabetes mellitus were each associated with an increased risk for dementia and that risk was even greater among individuals diagnosed...
New Type 1 Diabetes Therapy Could Treat Humans and Dogs

New Therapy Offers Type 1 Diabetes Reversal within 24-hours in People & Dogs

The first minimally invasive therapy reverses Type 1 diabetes within 24 hours and maintains insulin independence created by Purdue Scientists.

Specific Kidney Cell Could Be Key in the Treatment of Kidney Failure in Diabetes

Diabetes is the leading reason for kidney failure in the world, resulting in patients requiring dialysis or kidney transplantation. New research has found a cell in the kidney could be the key to understanding why this happens.

Crusty Foods May Worsen Cardiovascular Disease Associated with Diabetes

A study suggests avoiding cooking methods that produce the kind of crusty bits you'd find on a grilled hamburger, especially if you have diabetes and know you're at increased risk for cardiovascular disease because of your diagnosis.
Journal: Preventive Medicine

Diabetes in Mexico Paints Grim Picture

If the current trend in new cases of diabetes in Mexico continues, the projected number of people that could be diagnosed with the disease...
Seniors Using Deadly Drug Combinations

Seniors Using Deadly Drug Combinations

New research shows that older adults are mixing potentially life-threatening drug combinations. Many also take vitamins or supplements that interact negatively with the prescription...

Drug Therapy Found Effective in Patients with Common Form of Kidney Disease

The drug rituximab causes considerable kidney injury healing in patients with membranous nephropathy, a common form of kidney disease.

Dietary Adherence Associated with Better Glucose Control in Children with Type 1 Diabetes

A study by researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center has shown that adherence to prescribed dietary recommendations is associated with better glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes.

Study Findings May Lead to Treatments that Stimulate Insulin Production

A new study has shown conclusively that a neuropeptide, melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), found in the brain and known for its role in increasing appetite in people, plays a role in the growth of insulin-producing beta cells and the secretion of insulin.

Inflammation May Play Role in Type 2 Diabetes

Elevated blood levels of two inflammatory substances seem to be independent risk factors for type 2 diabetes, researchers report.

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