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Latest news about type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes and related health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney disease, eye disease, neuropathy and more. Diabetes news for diabetics, physicians and caregivers.

Trial: Ground-Breaking Success for Diabetic Nerve Therapy

A potentially ground-breaking treatment for nerve damage caused by diabetes has shown promising results in preclinical and early patient trials.

Low Testosterone Levels Could Raise Diabetes Risk for Men

Scientists have found that low testosterone levels are linked to a resistance to insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels.

Severity of Diabetes is Key Determinant of Heart Transplant Success

Having diabetes should not automatically disqualify you from being considered for a heart transplant, according to a study published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Herbal Oils May Enhance Insulin Sensitivity and Lower Blood Pressure in Diabetic Rats

Research at Georgetown University Medical Center has found that a combination of naturally occurring edible oils may be effective in treating Type II diabetes.

Raising ‘Good’ Cholesterol Levels Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke Risk in Diabetics

ncreasing levels of high-density lipoproteins, better known as HDL or "good" cholesterol, reduced the risk for heart attack and stroke among patients with diabetes.

High Pulse Pressure Associated With Greater Death Risk in Dialysis Patients

study of dialysis patients indicates that a new way of looking at traditional blood pressure numbers may be important in determining which patients are at highest risk of dying.

Anti-Rejection Drug May Increase Risk of Diabetes After Kidney Transplant

For patients undergoing kidney transplantation, treatment with the anti-rejection drug sirolimus may lead to an increased risk of diabetes.

Triple Therapy Fights Type 2 Diabetes Without Weight Gain

Type 2 diabetics who take two drugs in combination with insulin can effectively regulate their blood-sugar levels without the common side effect of weight gain.

Depression Can Hamper Glucose Control in People With Diabetes

Depression can cause diabetes patients to suffer from higher glucose levels over time compared to those who are not depressed, finds a study of older veterans with the disease.
Journal: Diabetes Care - July 2016

Study: Diabetes and C.A.D. Can Be Deadly

The combination of type 2 diabetes and CAD can be deadly, with patients facing a one in four chance of dying over the course...

More Benefits Emerging for One Type of Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Including Prevention of Fatty...

A study of the metabolic effects of omega-3 fatty acids concludes that these compounds may have an even wider range of biological impacts than previously considered, and suggests they could be of significant value in the prevention of fatty liver disease.

Long-Acting Insulin Safer and More Effective for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Long-acting insulin is safer and more effective than intermediate-acting insulin for patients with Type 1 diabetes, according to new research.

Diabetes and Heart Patients Often Treated with Diabetes Medications Considered Unsafe

More than a quarter of diabetic patients hospitalized with heart failure are treated with diabetes medications not considered safe by the FDA.

Stem Cell Transplantation Helps Patients with Diabetes Become Insulin Free

The majority of patients with type 1 diabetes who underwent a certain type of stem cell transplantation became insulin free, several for more than three years, with good glycemic control, and also increased C-peptide levels.

Weight Lifting Can Help Overweight Teens Reduce Risk of Diabetes

Teens at risk of developing diabetes can prevent or delay its onset through strength training exercise, a University of Southern California study has found.

Positive Trend for Diabetic Eye Health

Good news on preserving vision in people with type 1 diabetes, a warning from the Cardiovascular Health Study for macular degeneration patients, and a report on how vision impacts well-being across the lifespan.

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