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Latest news about type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes and related health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney disease, eye disease, neuropathy and more. Diabetes news for diabetics, physicians and caregivers.

Study: Two-fold Higher Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease in Older People with Diabetes

A new study published in the international open-access medical journal PLoS Medicine, finds that older people with diabetes are much more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than their non-diabetic peers.

Coronary Calcium Levels in Diabetics Strongly Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Notable levels of calcium buildup in coronary arteries can be strong predictors of heart attacks and strokes in people with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
Diabetes Insulin Pill

Insulin Pill Can Deliver Painless Diabetes Treatment

Using patented Cholestosomes developed in the McCourt/Mielnicki lab, researchers have successfully encapsulated insulin, which means insulin shots could be replaced with a pill. Every day,...

Study Points to Potential New Drug for Type 2 Diabetes

An experimental oral drug has lowered blood sugar levels and inflammation in mice with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that the medication could someday be added to the arsenal of drugs used by millions of Americans with this disease.

Researcher: Childhood Obesity Leads To Adult Diabetes

Researcher says parents, especially minority parents, now need to be concerned about Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.

Old Diabetes Drug Teaches Experts New Tricks

The drug most commonly used in type 2 diabetics who don't need insulin works on a much more basic level than once thought.

Amputation Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: Is Height A Factor?

In this study, the authors looked at rates of amputation among close to 100,000 patients with diabetes mellitus and found that height was a strong predictor of amputation.
Mom and daughter -Living Longer with Type 1 Diabetes

Medalist Study Details How Type 1 Diabetics Can Live Longer

Results from the Medalist study underlines the importance of glucose control in adults with Type 1 diabetes, and shows how to lower the leading cause of death.

Convenient Blood Test Not as Effective for Diagnosing Diabetes in Children

Doctors are increasingly using a convenient blood glucose test for diagnosing diabetes and pre-diabetes, but a study shows it's not the best way to diagnose diabetes in children.

Researchers Find Promising Drug For Preventing Serious Complications of Diabetes

Researchers have shown that a drug can simultaneously block three of the major biochemical pathways responsible for the blood-vessel damage that causes serious diabetic complications.

Tgen Analysis Identifies Biomarkers for Diabetic Kidney Failure

Researchers using a DNA analysis tool have identified genetic markers that could help treat chronic kidney disease among diabetics.
Blood Pressure Treatment Risk for Diabetic Patients

Blood Pressure Treatment May Harm Diabetic Patients

A new study has produced some alarming results about an increased risk of dying for people with diabetes based on the blood pressure treatment...

Expert Warns Children May Lead Shorter Lives Than Their Parents Because of Obesity

A new book warns that today's children might be the first generation in modern history to live shorter lives than their parents because of poor diet.
Diabetic Seniors Being Over Treated or Under Treated

17-Percent of Diabetic Seniors Over-Treated or Under-Treated

Too many older diabetes patients are being overtreated and undertreated, raising concerns about a one-size fits all approach which affects certain groups more than others.

Popular Diabetes Drugs Associated with Fractures in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Postmenopausal women with diabetes taking thiazolidinediones (TZDS), including rosiglitazone and pioglitazone, may be at increased risk for fractures according to a new study.

FDA’s Safety Announcement on the Use of Actos, Medical Societies Respond

Diabetes leaders are responding to the announcement made by the FDA that the use of the diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer.

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