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Latest news about type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes and related health issues like hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney disease, eye disease, neuropathy and more. Diabetes news for diabetics, physicians and caregivers.

Unsuspected Brain Region Involved In Side Effects Of Diabetes Drugs

A brain region involved in emotional and intellectual processes appears to also play an unsuspected role in the body's visceral response to dangerously low blood sugar levels.
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Rise in Avoidable Diabetes Hospital Visits Hits England

University of Leicester researchers lead study into rising hypoglycemia admissions in hospitals, finding a significant increase over a 10 year period. Hospital admissions for a...

Your Arteries May Be Suffering Insulin Resistance, Too

In people with insulin resistance or full-blown diabetes, an inability to keep blood sugar levels under control isn't the only problem by far.

Antipsychotic Medications Cause Side Effects Such as Diabetes

Study suggests that many antipsychotics affect metabolism because they activate the TGFbeta pathway - a finding that could lead to safer therapeutics for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia patients.

Potatoes Linked to Risk of Gestational Diabetes

According to a new study published by BMJ, the more potatoes eaten prior to pregnancy, the greater the risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus...

Is Fat the New Normal? Researcher Says Yes

American women have gotten fatter as it has become more socially acceptable to carry a few extra pounds, according to a new study.

Stem Cell Research Uncovers Mechanism for Type 2 Diabetes

Taking clues from their stem cell research, investigators have discovered that a signaling pathway involved in normal pancreatic development is also associated with type 2 diabetes.

Study Shows Drug For Treating Type-2 Diabetes May Limit Heart Disease Risk

A drug used to treat high blood sugar in people with type-2 diabetes also may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes Tied to Altering of the Heart’s Circadian Clock

A new research study has found that diabetes, the cause of numerous heart disorders, likely disrupts the organ's circadian clock. When the heart is out of sync with the rest of the body's 24-cycle, necessary responses may not occur, and heart failure could be the result.

Children in Lower Socio-Economic Backgrounds at High Risk for Type-2 Diabetes

Lower socioeconomic children are at high risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Adverse Housing Conditions Contribute to Diabetes Risk

Studying people in their homes and neighborhoods, investigators have found that poor housing conditions contribute to the risk for diabetes in urban, middle-aged African-Americans.

Breastfeeding Has Minor Effect in Reducing Risk of Childhood Overweight: Mother’s Overweight More Likely...

Breast feeding appears to be a minor factor in reducing the likelihood of childhood overweight, according to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and two other Federal agencies.

Transplantation of Embryonic Pancreatic Tissue Controls Type 1 Diabetes in Rats

Animals were cured of their diabetes for the duration of the experiment, which lasted 15 weeks.

Studies: Children’s Health Provided Added Benefit from Longer Exercise

Twenty minutes of daily, vigorous physical activity over just three months can reduce a child's risk of diabetes as well as his total body fat - including dangerous, deep abdominal fat - but 40 minutes works even better...

Eating More Protein at Breakfast Can Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes

Type 2 diabetics often assume that their glucose response at one meal will be identical to their responses at other meals, but that really...

Popular Diabetes Treatment Could Trigger Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer

A drug widely used to treat Type 2 diabetes may have unintended effects on the pancreas that could lead to a form of low-grade pancreatitis in some patients and a greater risk of pancreatic cancer in long-term users.

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