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Study: Type 1 Diabetics Can Get ‘Double Diabetes’ From Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is likely a major cause of heart disease in people with type 1 diabetes.

Drug Shows Promise in Preventing Type 1 Diabetes

An anti-inflammatory drug called lisofylline could be beneficial for people at risk for Type 1 diabetes.

New Biological Sensors for Detecting Blood Glucose Developed

Research conducted by scientists has paved the way for development``of highly efficient sensors for measuring blood glucose in diabetic``patients.

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Are A Source Of Insulin-Producing Cells

In a finding that may open a new avenue to treating diabetes, researchers show that cells from the bone marrow give rise to insulin-producing cells in the pancreas of mice.

ADA Says Medicaid Cuts Proposed By Bush Administration Threaten The Lives of People Living...

The ADA sent a letter to express reservations with proposed Medicaid reforms put forward by President George W. Bush.

Vitamins C and E May Enhance Effectiveness of Insulin for Diabetes

Adding antioxidants to therapy improves drug's ability to reduce blood sugar.

Early Diagnosis Of Childhood Diabetes

Researchers suggest that they have a technique that may be used to detect a group of self-destructive cells involved in autoimmune disorders, which may increase ability to predict the development of diabetes.

FDA Clears Home Glycated Hemoglobin Test For Diabetics

FDA has cleared the first over-the-counter test that measures glycated hemoglobin in people with diabetes.

New Stem Cell Study May Lead to Diabetes Treatment

Embryonic stem cells were developed into a insulin producing tissue which kept diabetic mice alive -- something experts say is an important step toward new diabetes treatments.

Prototype Developed for Ultrasonic Patch to Deliver Insulin

Engineers have developed a prototype for an ultrasound insulin delivery system that is about the size and weight of a matchbook that can be worn as a patch on the body.

New Clues to Help Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Scientists have found clues to why patients with insulin-dependent diabetes are often unable to sense their need to take life-saving glucose.

Gene Trigger For Pancreas Formation Identified

Could pave the way toward limitless supplies of pancreatic cells for transplantation therapy of diabetes.

New Findings Change Understanding of Adult Stem Cells

Researchers have found neural stem cells in the peripheral nervous system of adult animals, where they were not believed to exist. The studies show that the intrinsic properties of neural stem cells vary according to the region of the peripheral nervous system in which the cells are located.

Adult Stem Cells Selectively Delivered Into The Eye and Used to Control Angiogenesis

A team of researchers has discovered a way to use adult bone marrow stem cells to form new blood vessels in the eye or to deliver chemicals that will prevent the abnormal formation of new vessels.

Diabetes Patients With Low Literacy More Likely to Have Poorly Controlled Disease

Diabetes patients with low literacy are nearly twice as likely as patients with higher literacy to have poorly-controlled blood sugar and serious long-term diabetes complications.

Antioxidant Protects Islet Cells Used in Transplants for Diabetes

A synthetic antioxidant developed by researchers improves the survival of islet cells used in transplants for diabetes.

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