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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Aid Diabetic Wound Healing

Transplanting human umbilical cord blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) has been found to "significantly accelerate" wound closure in test models.

Potential New Treatment For Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

Scientists report that transplanted insulin-producing cells survive better when the activation of a specific type of immune cell is blocked.

Antibody Therapy Prevents Type 1 Diabetes in Study

Investigators have successfully prevented the onset of type 1 diabetes in mice prone to developing the disease using an antibody against a receptor on the surface of immune T-cells. Findings have significant implications for the prevention of type 1 diabetes.

Children With Diabetes Sue School Districts, State

The suit asks the Court to compel public school officials to comply with federal law by providing the assistance that California students with diabetes require to manage their diabetes during the school day.

Stem Cells Cultured from Human Bone Marrow Behave Like Those Derived from Brain Tissue

Stem cells taken from adult human bone marrow have been manipulated by scientists to generate aggregates of cells called spheres that are similar to those derived from neural stem cells of the brain.
New Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom Limb Pain Frozen by Minimally Invasive Treatment

A recent study shows that interventional radiologists can use an innovative technique to relieve the pain that plagues millions of amputees, many of which...

Researchers Show Way To Diabetes Cure With Gene Therapy

A gene therapy developed by researchers has apparently cured diabetes in mice.
NIH funded this study

Study: Nerve Damage Precedes Diabetic Retinopathy

New findings about the development of diabetic retinopathy represents a shift in the long-term understanding of these diabetes complications. A University of Iowa-led study of...

Superiority Not Proven for Rapid-acting Insulin Analogues in Type 1 Diabetes

There is currently no evidence available of a superiority of rapid-acting insulin analogues over human insulin in the treatment of adult patients with diabetes mellitus type 1.
Insulin Prices Triple over 10 Years

Insulin Shock: Insulin Costs Tripled Over Last 10 years

Dramatic rise in insulin costs when compared with other diabetes therapies means it's time to look again at the effect, and the cost-effectiveness, of...

PCRM Develops World’s First Cruelty-Free Insulin Assay

PCRM has developed the world's first cruelty-free insulin assay, a test used to measure insulin levels in individuals with diabetes.

Gene Linked to Type 1 Diabetes; Appears to Affect the Function of the Thymus

A newly discovered gene plays a dramatic role in diabetes among rats, and is also present in nearly identical form in humans.
To create new types of sensors, gold films are patterned onto a substrate using microcontract printing and etching.

Additive Manufacturing to Make Diabetes Management Better, Cheaper, More Comfortable

Engineers are using additive manufacturing to create an improved type of glucose sensor for diabetes patients. It will become part of a system that...
Turning Fat into Beta Cells to Treat Diabetes

Insulin Secreting Beta Cells Created – from Love Handles

Can you really turn love handles into beta cells? Yes, according to researchers who have reprogrammed stem cells taken from fatty tissue to make...

Research Yields New Insights Into The Cause Of Diabetes

The cause of insulin-dependent, permanent, diabetes in newborn babies may be a deficiency in the enzyme Pancreatic Endoplasmic Reticulum Kinase (PERK) during a critical period of development before birth.

Smart Insulin Patch Invented to Replace Insulin Injections for Diabetes

Painful insulin injections could become a thing of the past for the millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes, thanks to a new invention...

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