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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Researchers Testing Beta Cells

Recovering Insulin-Producing Cells in Diabetics May Be Possible

A new discovery may lead to the recovery of insulin-producing beta cells in people with type 1 diabetes. A Yale-led research team identified how insulin-producing...

Studies Yield Key Insights in Preventing Destruction of Insulin-Producing Cells

Researchers a step closer to the goals of preventing type 1 diabetes and of preserving insulin production in people newly diagnosed with the disease.

Cybersecurity Risks of the Artificial Pancreas

The risk of security threats targeting an artificial pancreas is a major concern and has not been sufficiently considered in the research and development...

Photos Helping Researchers Understand Juvenile Diabetes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, UF Health Type 1 diabetes researchers and their colleagues have tapped into an encyclopedia, revealing new...

Study Estimates 15,000 Children and Teens Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Annually

Approximately 15,000 children and adolescents in the United States are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and about 3,700 youth are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes annually.

Study: Technique May Restore Ability to Produce Insulin for Type 1 Diabetics

Study finds that a peptide called caerulein can convert existing cells in the pancreas into those cells destroyed in type 1 diabetes-insulin-producing beta cells.
Test for diabetes blindness and amputation

Free Tool Predicts Blindness and Amputation Risk in Diabetics

Researchers from University of Nottingham have developed software that helps predict the risk of blindness and amputation in people living with type 1 or...

Device Protects Transplanted Pancreatic Cells from the Immune System

Research team found that by using precursor cells that had not completely differentiated, the transplanted cells could regenerate into fully functional beta cells.

Encapsulated Cells Offer Possible Cure for Diabetes

No more insulin injections? In a new study, encapsulated pancreatic cells immediately began producing insulin in response to blood sugar levels - without being...
A1C Test - Type 2 Diabetes Drug Found to Help Type 1 Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Found to Also Benefit Type 1 Diabetics Significantly

A drug for type 2 diabetes has been found to provide significant benefits to type 1 diabetic patients, according to a new study..

Maggots Used to Rid Diabetic Patients of MRSA in 3-Weeks Versus 28-Weeks

University of Manchester researchers are ridding diabetic patients of the superbug MRSA by treating their foot ulcers with maggots.

Study: Obesity Linked to Increased Kidney Disease Risk in Type 1 Diabetes

For patients with type 1 diabetes, obesity is an important risk factor for the development of diabetic kidney disease, reports a study in the January Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

A Decisive Step Toward a Cure for Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Using innovative high-density DNA microchip technology, which can test 550,000 genes in a single analysis, researchers have detected a new gene involved in type 1 diabetes.

Researchers Develop Way to Measure Blood Glucose Levels by Shining Light on the Skin

To minimize that pain and inconvenience, researchers at MIT's Spectroscopy Laboratory have developed a noninvasive way to measure blood glucose levels using light.

Children With Type 1 Diabetes at 5-Times the Risk of Hospitalization

Children with Type 1 Diabetes are spending more time in the hospital than non-diabetic children. Find out why, what they are admitted for, and...
Diabetes Sniffing Dogs

Diabetes Alert Dogs? Dogs Smell Scent of Hypoglycemia

Study explains why some dogs can smell dangerously low blood sugar levels in people and how people with diabetes can benefit. A chemical found in...

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