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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

NC Woman Is Now Insulin-Free After Series Of Three Islet Cell Transplants

A Davidson woman has been successfully treated for her Type 1 diabetes through a procedure performed at Carolinas Medical Center.
Combo Therapy Helps Type 1 Diabetes

Combo Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes Improves Blood Glucose Control

A new study shows that a regimen of three medications helped people with Type 1 diabetes achieve better blood glucose control and shed pounds. A...

Fluoride Risks to Diabetics, Kidney Patients and Thyroid Function

Diabetics and patients with kidney disease often consume increased amounts of fluorides from fluoridated water, which can harm thyroid function, the body and the...
Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G

First Artificial Pancreas Approved by FDA for Diabetes

The FDA has approved the first automated insulin delivery device, also known as an artificial pancreas, which adjusts insulin levels with little or no...

High Glucose Before Surgery Raises Risk of Dangerous Complications

Patients who have high blood sugar before undergoing surgery run an increased risk of developing blood clots, deep vein thrombosis and even pulmonary embolism after surgery.
New Type 1 Diabetes Therapy Could Treat Humans and Dogs

New Therapy Offers Type 1 Diabetes Reversal within 24-hours in People & Dogs

The first minimally invasive therapy reverses Type 1 diabetes within 24 hours and maintains insulin independence created by Purdue Scientists.

Amputation Among Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: Is Height A Factor?

In this study, the authors looked at rates of amputation among close to 100,000 patients with diabetes mellitus and found that height was a strong predictor of amputation.

Single-Donor Islet Transplantation Procedure Shows Promise For Patients With Type 1 Diabetes

Patients with type 1 diabetes who received islet transplantation from a single donor pancreas were insulin independent one year later, according to a recent study.
Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes

Vaccine for Diabetes Extended to Humans

A molecule that prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice has provoked an immune response in human cells, suggesting that a mutated insulin fragment could be used to prevent Type 1 diabetes in humans. See how this could lead to a vaccine and a treatment for diabetes.

Scientists Use Transcription Factors To Increase Insulin Production In Diabetic Mice

A group of scientists has used gene therapy to deliver three insulin transcription factors to the livers of diabetic mice. As a result, the mice experienced an increase in insulin gene expression and insulin production.

Potential Diabetes Treatment for Some Diabetes Patients

Findings point to a novel way to treat diabetes - but only in some patients. They also challenge the benefits of the strategy in...

Study: Dynamic Duo, Combination Therapy Reverses Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers have now carefully crafted a combination therapy that reverses recent-onset type 1 diabetes in 2 models of disease.

The Best Pancreas System for Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

New study shows that the dual-hormone artificial pancreas provides the most benefits by reducing the time spent in nocturnal hypoglycemia with children and adolescents...

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Are A Source Of Insulin-Producing Cells

In a finding that may open a new avenue to treating diabetes, researchers show that cells from the bone marrow give rise to insulin-producing cells in the pancreas of mice.

Type 1 Diabetes Safely Arrested With Short-Term Use of New Drug

Researchers have halted the course of early stage Type 1 diabetes for a year by treating patients for just two weeks with a new immune-suppressive drug, which only had minor side effects.

Drug Shows Promise in Preventing Type 1 Diabetes

An anti-inflammatory drug called lisofylline could be beneficial for people at risk for Type 1 diabetes.

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