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Current news and events relating to Type 1 Diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, potential cures and more.

Diabetes Sniffing Dogs

Diabetes Alert Dogs? Dogs Smell Scent of Hypoglycemia

Study explains why some dogs can smell dangerously low blood sugar levels in people and how people with diabetes can benefit. A chemical found in...

New Stem Cell Study May Lead to Diabetes Treatment

Embryonic stem cells were developed into a insulin producing tissue which kept diabetic mice alive -- something experts say is an important step toward new diabetes treatments.
Mini-Organs Produce Insulin - Diabetes

Lab-Grown Mini-Organ Producing Insulin After Transplant

After decades of trying to replace insulin-producing cells, researchers have grown mini-organs that produce, and replenish, insulin after being transplanted. Researchers have spent decades trying...
Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetics with Insulin Pumps Benefit from Aerobic Exercise

A new study of people with type 1 diabetes who use an insulin pump details how aerobic exercise improved metabolic control and reduced insulin...
Laura Solt, Ph.D., is a biologist at The Scripps Research Institute's Florida campus

Scientists Discover Compound that Prevents Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers tested a compound that eliminated the incidence of diabetes and minimized insulitis, which is the inflammation associated with, and destroyer of, insulin-producing cells....
Photo of Human Islets of Langerhans

Type 1 Diabetes Breakthrough with Artemisinin Treatment

Researchers have announced that FDA-approved artemisinins, used for decades to treat malaria, offer a completely new therapy for type 1 diabetes. It promises to be...

Warning: Patients Receiving Extraneal (icodextrin) for Peritoneal Dialysis Therapy May Have Falsely Elevated Blood...

Patients receiving EXTRANEAL (icodextrin) for peritoneal dialysis therapy may have falsely elevated blood glucose results when using certain blood glucose monitoring systems.
Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G

First Artificial Pancreas Approved by FDA for Diabetes

The FDA has approved the first automated insulin delivery device, also known as an artificial pancreas, which adjusts insulin levels with little or no...

Researchers Create Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas

Researchers help create a closed-loop artificial pancreas to automatically monitor blood sugar levels and administer insulin to patients with Type 1 diabetes.

Study Examines Insulin Pump Therapy in Adolescents

Joslin study shows durability of insulin pump therapy for adolescents and identifies factors to help them overcome barriers to success.

New Fruitfly Model Of Diabetes Has Future Implications For Pancreatic Cell Transplantation

A newly completed picture of how fruitflies control their blood sugar will inform researchers and clinicians about the basics of metabolism and how it relates to disease.

Major Type 1 Diabetes Discovery Turns T-Cell Immunology on its Head

An unexpected discovery about how immune cells work at the atomic level is challenging a universally accepted, longstanding consensus in the field of immunity...
CU Researchers Identify Trigger for Type 1 Diabetes

Scientists Find a Trigger for Type 1 Diabetes

University of Colorado School of Medicine scientists made a big discovery -- identifying a factor that may trigger type 1 diabetes. A team of researchers,...

Target Identified for New Diabetes Drug

New research points to the naturally produced protein apolipoprotein A-IV as a potential target for a new diabetes therapeutic.
Best treatments for diabetic wound care

Researchers Identify Most Effective and Cost-Effective Wound Treatments

Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital identify which of the hundreds of available treatments are most likely to be effective and which are most likely...

New Biological Sensors for Detecting Blood Glucose Developed

Research conducted by scientists has paved the way for development``of highly efficient sensors for measuring blood glucose in diabetic``patients.

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