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The most current news about type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, including research, studies, treatments, management, causes, stories, potential cures and more.

Buckwheat May Be Beneficial For Managing Diabetes

Researchers have found new evidence that buckwheat, a grain used in making pancakes and soba noodles, may be beneficial in the management of diabetes.

Losing Weight After Diabetes Diagnosis Can Prevent Diabetes-Related Disease

People who lose weight soon after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes have better control of their blood pressure and blood sugar, and are more likely to maintain that control even if they regain their weight.

Cinnamon May Help To Alleviate Diabetes

Cinnamon may be more than a spice, it may have a medical application in preventing and combating diabetes.

Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Control May Reverse Atherosclerosis in Adults with Diabetes

Aggressively lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels below current targets in adults with type 2 diabetes may help to prevent - and possibly reverse - hardening of the arteries.

Short Thighs Linked to Greater Likelihood of Diabetes

People with short upper legs are more likely to have glucose intolerance or diabetes, researchers have reported.
Turning Fat into Beta Cells to Treat Diabetes

Insulin Secreting Beta Cells Created – from Love Handles

Can you really turn love handles into beta cells? Yes, according to researchers who have reprogrammed stem cells taken from fatty tissue to make...

Leptin: A ‘Missing Link’ Between Obesity and Diabetes?

Single hormone appears to regulate blood sugar in two different ways.
Diabetes Drug and Genital Infections

Alert: SGLT2 Inhibitors for Diabetes May Cause Serious Genital Infection

Warning that cases of a rare but serious infection of the genitals and area around the genitals have been reported with the class of type 2 diabetes medicines.

Caloric Sweetener Use Grows Worldwide; Soft Drinks are Chief Culprit

Use of caloric sweeteners, including sugar, has grown markedly around the world over the past 40 years

Gene Variant Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, But Healthy Lifestyle Changes Reduce Genetic...

Researchers have confirmed that a gene variant confers susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in participants of the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Pitt Researchers Develop Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor

Millions of people suffering from diabetes mellitus may be spared the ordeal of pricking their fingers several times a day to test blood sugar levels.
Without TSP2 Protein - Heal Diabetic Wounds Faster

Breakthrough Could Lead to Faster Diabetic Wound Healing

New research uncovers the role of a particular protein that could help aid wound healing in patients with diabetes.

Researchers Find Promising Drug For Preventing Serious Complications of Diabetes

Researchers have shown that a drug can simultaneously block three of the major biochemical pathways responsible for the blood-vessel damage that causes serious diabetic complications.

More Ontario Children are Getting Diagnosed with Diabetes

Ontario children are more likely to get diagnosed with diabetes than their American counterparts.

Effect of Diabetes Case Management Among Low-Income Minority Populations

Diabetes case management, added to primary care, substantially improved glycemic control compared with a control group.

Give the Foie Gras a Miss: Stressed Foodstuffs Associated with Type 2 Diabetes and...

Harmful proteins fragments known as amyloid fibrils associated with damage to brain cells in Alzheimer's disease and to pancreatic cells in Type II diabetes can be present in the meat of poultry and mammals.

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