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Game Changing Diabetic Eye Treatment Success Can Be Predicted

Discovery Predicts Who Responds Best to Game-Changing Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment

Researchers have found a biomarker that predicts which diabetic patients will respond best to a common diabetic complication.
Children with Diabetes - Not Getting Proper Eye Care

Diabetic Children Not Screened Properly for Retinopathy

Diabetes among youths has been steadily increasing, but proper evaluations for diabetic retinopathy are falling short of recommendations. Many youths with type 1 and 2...
Journal: Ophthalmology - September 2015

Better Detection and Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Using UWF Imaging

Damage in retinal periphery closely matches loss of blood flow in people with diabetes and a different imaging test may aid in earlier detection...
Photo of Eye: Vision Loss Prevention with Eye Pressure Test

New Eye Pressure Test Could Prevent Loss of Vision

University of Missouri School of Medicine researcher recommends new approach for checking eye pressure which can reduce risk of vision loss or blindness in...
Professor Olov Rolandsson

Nerve Damage in Type 2 Diabetes can be Detected in the Eye

A 10-minute eye exam can tell whether or not a person with type 2 diabetes has nerve damage, according to new information.
NIH funded this study

Study: Nerve Damage Precedes Diabetic Retinopathy

New findings about the development of diabetic retinopathy represents a shift in the long-term understanding of these diabetes complications. A University of Iowa-led study of...

Vision Loss Due to Diabetes Rising Globally

Blindness and visual impairment due to diabetes is rising significantly around the world, but people from certain regions are experiencing more vision loss than...
Sugar Levels and Diabetes Complications

Lower HbA1c May Not Prevent Diabetes Complications

According to Mayo Clinic researchers, the HbA1c level targeted by physicians may not actually lower the risk of kidney, vision and neuropathy complications for...

Nationwide Recall of Eye Wash and Irrigating Solutions

There is a reasonable probability of a potentially sight-threatening eye infection through the use of a contaminated eye wash or irrigating solution product. United Exchange...
Immune Matched Stem Cells

New Method Prevents Retinal Transplant Rejection, May Treat Retinal Diseases

A new treatment that prevents retinal transplant rejection using immune-matched stem cells may be used to treat age-related macular degeneration and other retinal diseases. Stem...
Test for diabetes blindness and amputation

Free Tool Predicts Blindness and Amputation Risk in Diabetics

Researchers from University of Nottingham have developed software that helps predict the risk of blindness and amputation in people living with type 1 or...
Lloyd Paul Aiello

Lucentis Effective Against Diabetic Retinopathy

Results of a recent study show that Lucentis is highly effective at treating proliferative diabetic retinopathy and may be an alternative to laser therapy....

Metformin May Reduce Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma in Diabetic Patients

A new study finds that taking the medication metformin hydrochloride was associated with reduced risk of developing the sight-threatening disease open-angle glaucoma in people...
virtual reality tool to test balance

Virtual Reality a New Tool for Evaluating Balance in Glaucoma Patients

People living with diabetes are nearly twice as likely to get glaucoma. Falls are a leading cause of injury and death, and the risk...
Eye Exam - Prevent Vision Loss in Diabetic Patients

New Way to Prevent Vision Loss and Diabetic Retinopathy Found

A study suggests a new way to prevent vision loss and diabetic retinopathy with minimal side effects - a discovery which could affect as...

Way to Restore Vision Using Stem Cells Discovered

Researchers have succeeded in producing photoreceptors from human embryonic stem cells, which can help restore vision in people suffering from macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration...

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