Easy Way to Cut Disease Risk: Assess Physical Activity

Photo of Women Exercising - People Should be Counseled on Physical Activity by Clinicians

A new study looked at the benefits when clinicians counsel patients on their physical activity – and how routine assessments lower the risk of conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

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Nicotinamide Riboside Effective in Relieving Peripheral Neuropathy Induced by a Common Anticancer Agent

ChromaDex Logo - Neuropathy Pain Relief

Findings of a recent study published in PAIN demonstrated what may lead to reductions in the neuropathic pain experienced by millions of patients suffering from neuropathy.

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Diabetics May Have Hidden Pancreatic Cancer

Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

Doctors and patients should be aware of early warning signs for pancreatic cancer in people with diabetes, which has links to diabetes medications.

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Obesity Taken as Seriously as Cancer, Worse than Heart Disease

Photo of Tai Chi Class - Obesity Now Ties Cancer as Top Health Threat

Americans now take obesity as seriously as cancer, and say it’s an even bigger health threat than heart disease, the nation’s leading killer.

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Burden of Chronic Conditions on Latin-American, Caribbean Health Systems Increasing

Brazil facing rise in chronic conditions

Six Latin American and Caribbean countries continue to face challenges managing more complex health needs related to certain diseases and conditions.

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Hospitalization Risks for Patients with Diabetes and Solid-Organ Malignancy

Hospitalization Risks for Patients with Diabetes and Solid-Organ Malignancy

Study determines that diabetes, coexisting with solid-organ malignancies, is associated with risk of hospitalization and multiple hospitalizations.

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Splenda Brand Rebukes New Safety Allegation About Sucralose

Splenda Rebukes Health Risk Claims

Heartland Food Products Group, makers of Splenda Sweeteners, is claiming that the recent CSPI rating on Sucralose is misleading to consumers.

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CSPI Downgrades Sucralose from “Caution” to “Avoid”

CSPI Warns About Sucralose Cancer Risk

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has downgraded it’s safety rating of the artificial sweetener sucralose for the second time in 3 years due to possible health risk. This is in response to a recently published study by an independent laboratory.

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Diabetes Drug Metformin Inhibits Progression of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital may have uncovered a novel mechanism behind the ability of the diabetes drug metformin to inhibit the progression of pancreatic cancer.

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Common Chemicals Linked to Rising Diabetes, Obesity and more

Chemicals Linked to Diabetes

A scientific statement on endocrine-disrupting chemicals finds that they are so common that nearly every person on Earth has been exposed.

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