Burden of Chronic Conditions on Latin-American, Caribbean Health Systems Increasing

Brazil facing rise in chronic conditions

Six Latin American and Caribbean countries continue to face challenges managing more complex health needs related to certain diseases and conditions.

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Diabetes and CABG Surgery: Arteries Lead to Better Outcomes

coronary artery bypass grafting surgery

More diabetic patients survive when only arteries are used for bypasses during coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, according to new findings.

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Too Much ‘Good’ Cholesterol Not So Good, Leads to Premature Death

Salmon - Good Source of Good Cholesterol

Researchers were surprised to learn that too much ‘good’ cholesterol increases a person’s risk of dying early, the same result as when their levels are too low.

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Devices to Reduce Disability in Stroke Patients Cleared for Marketing

Trevo device for Stroke

The FDA has approved the marketing of two devices from Trevo that, when used within 6-hours of the onset of stroke symptoms, can reduce stroke disabilities.

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Sugar Industry Cherry Picked Data to Blame Fat for CHD

Sugar Industry Blames Fat for Heart Disease

A disturbing report published by JAMA details the lengths the sugar industry has gone to since the 1950’s to cast fat as the cause for coronary heart disease, while downplaying the risk from sugar consumption, and casts light on the perils of industry sponsored research.

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38% of At-Risk Diabetics Not Getting Recommended Treatment

Doctors Not Following Guidelines on Diabetes and Statins

Research reveals important gaps in care, showing that certain people with diabetes are not being prescribed treatment by their doctors that could prevent cardiovascular events such as stroke.

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Air Pollution Increases Diabetes Risk, Says New Study

Pollution and Diabetes

According to researchers, people who are exposed to greater levels of air pollution where they live have a greater risk of developing diabetes, as well as several other health conditions.

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Citrus Fruits May Help Prevent Obesity-Related Diabetes, Heart and Liver Disease

Citrus Fruit Prevents Diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver Disease

Being obese increases the risk of developing heart disease, liver disease and diabetes, but researchers report that citrus fruit may help prevent the effect that obesity has.

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Study: Diabetes Drug May Also Offer Vascular Protection

Diabetes Drug May Also Offer Vascular Protection

A University of Missouri study suggests a type 2 diabetes medication provided arterial protection and may prevent aortic stiffening and cardiovascular risks.

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China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

China Faces Epidemic of Heart Disease and Stroke

Cardiovascular problems propelled by increases in high blood pressure and obesity are hitting the Chinese population, according to a new study. Is Western influence a cause?

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